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Weekly Design Challege (4/20)

Starter in Jane:

Everyone's hands will be installed in a dictionary application, and I personally selected is the European Dictionary (eudic), the utility of the cross software to take the word (although the use is very hack), cross-platform synchronization of new words and other functions do well. However, I think there is still much room for improvement in user interface design, whether visual or interactive.


As the most commonly used feature, the Euclidean dictionary places it at the top of the tab bar and invokes the keyboard by using the default open application. The user can enter the text directly, according to the spelling hint to enter the vocabulary page, if you need to read history, use screen Word or other features, you need to slide the page or click on the upper right corner of the "cancel" to retract the keyboard.

From the search behavior, keyword search, camera word, search from history is one of the forms of search behavior, they are tied, and local search and online retrieval is the classification results of keyword search. Although keyword search is the most frequent form of search, the default invocation of the keyboard is greatly facilitated by this operation, but does not represent the need to add two other forms of use of the process.

So I made the following improvements. By the local retrieval and online retrieval of the classification options, the entrance of the camera to enter the word with the same level of input text, open the application, users can directly input keywords to search, you can slide the page to view the history, you can click the button to open the camera, you can directly switch the search classification, The cancellation of the secondary option also makes the function clearer.

Vocabulary interface

The mainstream dictionary application has little difference in content typesetting, and the European dictionary adds a buttom bar to the lexical interface to quickly position, pronounce, adjust theme fonts, and flip pages. These are very useful functions, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in use.

The table of contents buttons can help us navigate to the specified dictionary, but can we switch to a more intuitive way by opening a new page?

Pronunciation is a high-frequency function, and a word often distinguish between the English and American sound, the current default and cannot switch the pronunciation button slightly let a person feel the mind.

The ability to adjust page themes and fonts is very human, if you can see the effect of adjustment in real time is even better.

It is convenient to page directly in the lexical interface, the adjacent words help us to understand, but the wrong icon and hidden page button let users ignore this function.

Adding to new words is a common and characteristic feature of the European dictionary, but placing it in menu bar makes it unattractive.

In addition, the way of content typesetting can be further optimized to help users get information more intuitively.

The form of a list allows us to get information more quickly than a whole paragraph of text, and the translation of words and phrases is too good for a list to show.

Click on the Favorites button, the top pop-up save the success of the prompt, rather than the one-time information inserted in the content.

Long press the pronunciation button, the same as the system form, you can switch English or American pronunciation.

The relatively infrequently displayed settings button is adjusted to menu bar to replace the original collection, and when clicked, the setting option pops up from the top of the screen instead of jumping to the new page, where the user can see the effect of the adjustment in real time.

Navigate to the specified dictionary no longer need to open a new page to switch, long press the right edge of the screen target button, the dictionary list is expanded and can be dragged to locate.

Follow the logic of the system and if you need to search from the content, the Drop-down page appears search bar.

Everything in order to check the words clearer, more intuitive.


Translation is also a very common function. Many dictionaries include the ability to automatically detect languages, and the European dictionary is no exception. A language is automatically detected, and is translated into our native language, we need to select two separate options. This may be very much used in a multi-language environment, but for most of the day, we are only switching back and forth in both languages.

The European dictionary also provides a horizontal screen translation board function, which is quite practical when asking for directions at a foreign restaurant.

Since it is possible to automatically detect all the input languages, it is more difficult to discern one of the two languages. If you need to select two options, why not select two languages at the same time, so that the application can determine which translation is the other, we just type paste it? This kind of thinking is used in the redesign of the translation interface.

In addition, the translation board to switch to the horizontal screen although a larger display size, but at the expense of the input and switch between the convenience. The use of the translation board scene should be quick to communicate, because I think the display mode instead of the vertical screen in exchange for the convenience of the operation is more practical.

There is also a detail worth pondering. How can we discern the language through words when we do not know a language at all? The Latin alphabet and Chinese characters may be quite different, Chinese characters are also very recognizable, but if it is completely unknown to the people, it is difficult to distinguish between Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese language. Unlike the choice of system language, although the IPhone's System Language Settings page also provides the native language to assist, the choice system language is only chooses in the familiar language, but chooses the translation language to be possible to face a completely unfamiliar language, at this time provides the native language text to assist is necessary.

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