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As of now, the evaluation work has basically ended. During this period, I have experienced a lot and learned a lot.


We received a notification on March 13, saying that the evaluation in April would use our system. This is both an opportunity for training and a challenge. After all, this is the first time that we have "launched" the system since learning software development. It must be tested by more than 10 thousand students in the school, we mean Yali Yamada. However, we must face the challenges and begin to improve our system. Unfortunately, two people in our group will take the test. On the eve of the test, they must go all out to prepare for the test. In this way, the work to improve the evaluation system was handed over to me and Long Sheng.


In order to ensure the smooth progress of teaching evaluation, on June 14, Mr. Wang, the evaluation Director, gave a meeting to the Teaching Secretaries of the secondary colleges. He and I were lucky enough to attend the meeting. After attending this meeting, I realized that the score of the original students was so important to the teachers. This once again made me realize the importance of the evaluation system, and our system should never go wrong.


Recognizing the severity of the problem, the next task is to improve the system. I spent nearly ten days checking and testing almost every function involved in the entire evaluation system from the interface to the background, and added and improved some functions, to ensure the correctness of the program.


I thought I should have no major problems after such a fine check and test. However, when the actual more than 0.13 million data records are written to the database, the problem persists. The data used in previous tests is relatively small. No matter which function is used, it is almost completed in an instant. However, this is not the case when the system processes more than 0.13 million records. Because we haven't considered optimization too much before, some functions need to be executed for nearly two minutes. Such a long execution lead to some problems. In addition, some functions cannot be executed for such a long time, so you must implement them in another way to optimize the system. Finally, our system was optimized and tested three times without any exceptions. Next, we will wait for the evaluation.


Finally, in June 22, there was a long-awaited and worried evaluation. The total number of students in the school is more than 10 thousand, and the time is only one day. A group of students will arrive every ten minutes. At the beginning of evaluation, everything was normal and all work was done in an orderly manner. However, ten minutes later, the problem came out, and some students began to be unable to submit, and the system became particularly stuck. So I checked the server and found that the CPU usage of the server reached more than 90%. At this moment, I realized the severity of the problem and it would not be long before all the students could not submit it. This is not a test, not a joke. More than 400 people are evaluating the course. If the problem cannot be solved, the door will be crowded with more than 100 people in a few minutes. To be honest, I was a little nervous. I kept telling myself: Child, calm, calm. However, I still feel my heartbeat is accelerating. I picked up the microphone and told the 200 + students who were evaluating the course calmly (two rooms were evaluating the course). Please wait for a moment. After I put down the microphone, I quickly went to the fourth floor to check the situation. I am also glad that Jia Lin And Qingfeng are already looking for the root cause of the problem. So I went to the server room and found that the server had not improved, but it was even harder. During this period, the staff on duty repeatedly called me and told me about the evaluation of the computer room. Listening to the worried voice over there, the feeling that has not been calm for a long time is even worse. Finally, I decided to enable the backup server to relieve the pressure on the master server. I immediately informed the personnel on duty in another house that when I walked out of the room, I felt an unprecedented pressure when I saw that the students had blocked the corridor. When I came to another room, I found that Mr. Wang was organizing and guiding students to log on to the backup server. I breathed a sigh of relief and pinned my hopes on the backup server. Sure enough, the backup server has met our expectations and successfully helped us through the difficulties. Looking at the increasing number of students in the corridor, I feel relieved that the evaluation work is back on track again. So far, the evaluation has ended successfully.


Although the evaluation started to fail, the evaluation work was still relatively smooth in general. Through this evaluation, I learned more about my shortcomings. The evaluation work seems simple, but it is not the case when you operate it. Previously, I thought that as long as our system test is normal, the evaluation can be completed smoothly. However, I still think too much about it. I think about the problem from the perspective of the Technical Director. This time, I played more than just the technical director.


In short, no matter what you do, you must recognize your role and be calm and calm when you encounter it. A good leader will never be at the scene, but should be well-deployed, decisive, strategizing, and winning a thousand miles.


Child, you are still too young!

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