Every day in Silicon Valley is a new self-motivated day

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close to one months of study, but also left home for nearly one months, the family's missing, the concept of family, but can not stop the team's deep digging pace of technology. Here the study received before colleagues, friends around, and now around the classmate and the teacher's question why will give up before have, and why will start again from zero, chasing uncertain tomorrow, if or in case of failure, the pressure on themselves is multiplied.

here--still Silicon Valley, may be a stepping stone of their own dreams, but also a touchstone, but the gold content of this stone is not born, but nurture, through self-pressure, self-struggle, self-realization to stimulate the potential of self, at the same time and the classmates around each other, we come to this beginning is the same, But experience is not so, have work experience, have the development experience, have just graduated and so on but the goal is the same, all want to earn a pan full of their own, here 5 months although not much, whether for their own plans for life, until graduation that day, set sail.

every day in Silicon Valley is a new self-motivated day, repeated practice of the code in the classroom, so that the knowledge is completely dissolved in the blood flow, a new vitality, preview tomorrow's course to ensure that can be fully classroom understand the time to read or consult the relevant information to enhance the understanding of knowledge, With roommates or classmates to share their own ideas, with their thoughts to help classmates wrong, and explain so that students can understand, but I can not be satisfied with the status quo, because of the dream, because of their own future, not to wait, not to stop the pace, hope to come again, but also the next time they can do, but life is so, Like a ticket to go without return, each field is live broadcast, wonderful or not is that their efforts and I do not give up, to their own refueling, to the students refueling, we encourage each other to support each other to their own tomorrow, but at present we need to work hard, need to focus, need to absorb every day of nutrients, until the flowering.

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Every day in Silicon Valley is a new self-motivated day

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