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If you are in the retail business, would you like to be able to get a more personalized recommendation and a better user experience when the customer enters the store?

If you are in the financial industry, do you want to find out more quickly the risks of financial transactions and reduce the losses caused by bad trading?

If you're just a fan, do you want to be more accurate about the game you're predicting?

All this can be done quickly, originating from Oracle's newly released Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA), which is part of the Oracle Data Governance platform and a platform-level tool for fast data processing.

In the Internet Information Age, the data is explosive growth. All data is generated in a flash, whether it comes from a IOT device, a Web mouse click, a transaction, or a mobile app. The traditional data analysis workload is usually very large, but often wait for the result is very long, then why wait? Is there an instant analysis or a feed based on real-time data that associates, aggregates, and filters event-large data according to a specific time rule pattern.

Unlike the traditional large data fast data platform, the Oracle streamanalytics (OSA) platform provides an exciting visual-appearance interface to quickly create and modify real-time event flow processing applications with a simple GUI. and advanced streaming analysis capabilities and flexible runtime management platform, compatible with the Third-party platform integration capabilities to implement and manage these solutions. So that both large and start-up companies, in the face of the challenges of the big data age, the application can be quickly released, the enterprise's strategy to be implemented, no longer need a few days or months of the water shore to apply any type of real-time flow analysis

With large data, streaming data platforms, and different solutions for different industries, we look at some of the typical scenarios where OSA can work:

Traffic: Monitor all airline operations to eliminate flight delays.

Insurance: Automatically learn to monitor policy data and find potential insurance fraud

Vehicle telematics: Reducing fuel cost alerts for each sensor-based element of a vehicle, improving security through non-working time use

Retail: Customer service centers are using fast data for click Flow Analysis and Customer experience management, offering personalized offers based on close marketing

Payment Business: Active reminder-payment processing over 60 minutes, if no confirmation or bank error

Telecom: Location-based products or intelligent network management to drive new services and reduce costs

Health care: Monitoring medical device data to help save lives. Intelligent Bed: Body Sensor Determines the immediate state of the patient's criticality and the current state of the bed part

Manufacturing: Real-time corrective action to reduce maintenance costs or risk disruption

IT: The first time to discover the application and server anomalies, and take appropriate measures

OSA This new edition is an impressive version, with many exciting features:

I: The existing model has now been greatly improved, including through streaming machine learning mode library, pattern library is authoritative rich wisdom crystallization, contains many years of industry and technical experience, just need to click on the button and a few parameters of the configuration, in the relevant flow can start real-time business insight analysis and business intelligence prediction.

II: New geospatial patterns-can be used to analyze streams that contain geographic data and determine how events relate to predefined geographic fences in the map.

Third: The Expression Builder allows you to add a calculated/derived field in the explored live output stream, which is an important step in the "Streaming Excel table" idea of Oracle Stream analytics. It provides applications and inserts mathematical and statistical computations to the active real-time output stream. Once the new expression is defined and validated, a column is added next to the related column. This new column can be used in subsequent filters and explorations.

Four: Stream Analytics the Business rules section of the canvas provides the ability to apply more traditional if-then-else constraints and clauses to the various properties of the event shape. This feature enables users to combine streaming query analysis that uses time standards with the set of business rules that can randomly affect information in existing or new columns.

V: Oracle Stream Analytics supports new event flow sources and targets, such as Mqtt,apache Kafka and Twitter. In particular, Kafka is becoming more and more important in modern large data architectures. We can now use Oracle Goldengate to immediately capture changes on any database table (cdc= change data capture), use Goldengate for Bigdata to send these captured change events to Kafka, and use it from OSA to apply flow analysis to them.

VI: Oracle Stream Analytics-You can deploy and execute streaming applications to the spark streaming infrastructure.

VII: Oracle Stream Analytics supports the standard continuous query Language,osa fully compliant ansisql ' 99 standard, builds on the distributed memory compute grid framework, and allows for unlimited growth in query processing performance , developers can focus more on the business rather than the application architecture, and not introduce too much additional learning costs.

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