Everything is the best arrangement

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Once upon a time, there was a country with little land and few people, but the people lived a leisurely and happy life, because they had a king who did not like to do things and a prime minister who did not like to be an official.


The King has no bad habits. Apart from hunting, he prefers to make private visits to the Prime Minister.


In addition to the Prime Minister's state of State, the Prime Minister accompanied the king to visit the countryside. If he is alone, he prefers to explore the truth of life in the universe. One of his most common words is that everything is the best arrangement '.


One day, the king went hunting on the grassland again, followed by dozens of hound dogs.


The King's body is well maintained, his bones and muscles are strong, and his skin is shining brightly. When the followers saw the King riding on the horse and chasing a leopard, they could not help but admire the king's brave and extraordinary.


The leopard struggled to escape, and the king was reluctant to catch up. Keep catching up with leopard speed reduction

When it was slow, the King bent his bow and took an arrow, aiming at the leopard. With a click of lightning, the arrows fly over the grassland in a twinkling of an eye and drill into the leopard's neck. The leopard blew and fell to the ground.


The king was so happy that he saw the leopard lying on the ground and lost his fear. When the followers had not arrived, he could not wait to view the leopard.


No one thought of the leopard. It was just waiting for the moment that the final strength suddenly jumped up to the king.


The king stunned and saw the leopard open his mouth and bite it. subconsciously, he thought, "It's over !"


Fortunately, the followers caught up in time and immediately shot an arrow into the throat of the leopard. The king felt that the little finger was cool, and the leopard fell to the ground with silence. This time it was really dead.


The entourage walked up nervously and asked the king if he was OK. The king looked at his hand and found that his finger was bitten by the leopard.


The King's finger is bleeding, and the accompanying royal doctor immediately comes forward to bandaging. Although the injury is not serious, but the interest is damaged, think about this can only blame yourself for the loss, but who can blame? So the king had to bring everyone back to the palace.


The more unhappy the King thinks, the more he finds the Prime Minister to drink and eliminate his worries. The Prime Minister smiled and toasted the King: "King! It is better to lose a small piece of meat than to lose one life. Just think about it. Everything is the best arrangement !"


Once the king heard it, he finally found a chance to vent his anger for a long time: "bold! Do you really think this is the best arrangement ?!"


The Prime Minister found the king angry, but did not care: "King, really, if we can all go beyond the 'ego ', indeed, everything is the best arrangement ."


The king said, "If you get upset and put you in jail, is it the best arrangement ?"


The Prime Minister smiled and said, "If so, I believe this is the best arrangement ."


The king said, "If a few people tell Wei to drag you out and cut you down, is this the best arrangement ?"


The Prime Minister still smiled, as if the king was talking about something unrelated to him. "If so, I am confident that this is the best arrangement ."


The king was furious, and the two guards immediately approached him. They heard the king say, "you have to drag the prime minister out and cut it !"


Wei was on the sidelines and did not know how to respond.


The king was furious: "It's Not Coming soon. What are you waiting ?"


Xing Wei woke up and set up the Prime Minister and walked out the door.


The king suddenly regretted it and said, "Slow down, catch it first ." The Prime Minister smiled and said, "This is also the best arrangement ."


With a big wave of the king's hand, the two guards took the prime minister out.


The days passed quickly. The king was well wounded and planned to look for the prime minister as before for a private visit. However, he thought that he had put him in jail, and he could not put down his position to release the Prime Minister at the moment. The king sighed deeply and decided to travel alone.


The king went and walked. After a remote mountain forest, he suddenly rushed down from the mountain to a red-and-Yellow-colored manman, and tied him up three or two times to bring him back to the mountain.


The king discovered the seriousness of the incident. Today is the full moon, and a primitive tribe in this area will go down the hill on the full moon night to sacrifice the goddess of the full moon. 'You don't think of people as sacrifices, do they ?! '


He sighed, and it was really no help. In my heart, I really want to say to the manman: the few are kings here. You are so bold! But if you let me go, I will reward you with the silver sea! However, the mouth is broken and nothing can be said.


When the King saw himself taken to a boiler higher than a human, the firewood was burning like a bear, but pale.


The high priest showed up and stripped the king's clothes in public, revealing the delicate and tender flesh of the dragon. He was so amazed that he could not think of the perfect sacrifice now!


It turns out that the goddess of the full moon is a symbol of 'perfection.


At this moment, the high priest found that the little finger on the left of the King was half cut, so he could not bite his teeth and cut his teeth for a long time, sacrifice products are ugly, black, and short. They cannot be incomplete. The high priest reluctantly ordered: "Drive this waste away, and find another one !"


The sleepy King was excited and rushed back to the palace. The Prime Minister was immediately released, and a banquet was held in the royal garden to save his life and celebrate his freedom.


The king toasted the Prime Minister: "Aiqing! What you said is also good. Sure enough, everything is the best arrangement! If it wasn't just a bite of the leopard, today's life would be gone ."


The Prime Minister returned to the king with a smile and said, "Congratulations, the King has improved his life experience to the next level ."


After a while, the king thought, "It is true that everything is the best arrangement ?" The Prime Minister slowly drank a sip of wine and said, "King! It is indeed the best arrangement for you to keep me in jail ."


He gave the king a deep look and said, "You think, if I am not in jail, I will not be the one who will accompany you on a micro-server tour. Who else will I have? When the man finds that the King is not suitable to sacrifice to the goddess of the full moon, who will be thrown into the cauldron for cooking? No, who else will be there? Therefore, I want to serve you in jail for the king, and you have saved my life !"


The king couldn't help laughing and said, "Cheers! That's right. Everything is the best arrangement !"


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