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Everything goes back to the past. From now on, I have to work hard ~

I feel a little pity that I have left the Internet. Although I have not completely left yet, I have made up my mind. There are many new and annoying things on the Internet. In Balancing the pros and cons, I still choose to return to the previous new core. Although I am not famous for being a newbie, I prefer my new work environment. Although the new version does not have the new style and there are not as many meeting rooms as the new version, I like the posters of the movie on the new wall. I like the old taste and the harmonious atmosphere, I like to watch emails from January to the present, but I don't have to smile! Everything feels so good. I hope I can start with "new" and enjoy the benefits in the future!

Yesterday, I told Feng that I went to the new team on Monday and said that I was a little guilty. He was very open-minded to me. It was still normal to change my job. It was me. After all, it was my first job, after a few months of work, it is quite difficult to quit. Although I feel that the treatment is still acceptable, I can't stay any longer. Feng said that when his new house was decorated, I would like to take my girlfriend to the new house. I still want him to do the decoration slowly. I 'd better wait until I buy the Wii. Haha, I will move it together and play with him for a night.

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