Ewsa1.50.0.298 stack overflow error

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When using eswa to run the dictionary in the afternoon, an error occurs inexplicably. When you try to ignore the password smaller than 8 or more bytes, eswa runs normally. eswa error due to malformed password exceeding the length is suspected. after testing, the eswa1.50.0.298 version will cause stack overflow for passwords larger than 64 bytes, resulting in memory read/write errors. in a specific password length, the EIP will be overwritten into the password length. it should be a denial-of-service bug, which I think cannot be exploited as a shellcode. it is best to ignore the options of less than 8 and greater than 64 bytes. after troubleshooting, The fcicq-dict-unidict-20100410 has a password that exceeds the length limit, in the 40188 line, delete it.

For the weak password, fcicq-dict-unidict-20100410 is indeed carefully crafted. strongly recommended ~

Overwrite EIF to 4f.

Memory read/write error

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