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  This article is about JavaScript to prevent page operation of the sample code is introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you.

Single JS ban page right menu-Avoid website information stolen   code as follows: <script type= "Text/javascript" >   function block (oevent) {    if (window.event)     oevent=window.event;    if (oevent.button==2)     alert ("right mouse button not available");  }   Document.onmousedown=block; </script>   Web pages prohibit replication primarily by JavaScript.   <body oncontextmenu= ' return false ' onselectstart= ' return false '   ondragstart= ' return false ' Onbeforecopy= "return False" Oncopy=document.selection.empty () onselect=document.selection.empty () > ------ -----------------------------------------to prevent copying the JS-----------------------------------------------code as follows: <script language=javascript1.2> function Disableselect (e) {return false} function reenable () {return true} file://if ie4+ docu Ment.onselectstart=new Function ("return false") file://if NS6 if (window.sidebar) {Document.onmousedown=disableselect document.onclick=reenable} </SCRIPT> <script language=javascript type=text/javascript> <!--function mm_reloadpage (init) {   //reloads the window if Nav4 resized     if (init==true With (navigator) {if (appname== "Netscape") && (parseint (appversion) ==4)) {      document. Mm_pgw=innerwidth; Document. Mm_pgh=innerheight; Onresize=mm_reloadpage; }     Else if (innerwidth!=document. MM_PGW | | Innerheight!=document. MM_PGH) location.reload (); } mm_reloadpage (True); --> </SCRIPT>  -------------------------------------------------------to prevent the download of JS------------------- ------------------------------------<noscript><iframe src= "" ></iframe></noscript>------ --------------------------------------------------  Below is to prevent the right key of JS:   code as follows: <script language= "JavaScript" >   <!--if (window. Event)   document.captureevents (event.mouseup);  function Nocontextmenu () {event.cancelbubble = True Event.returnvalue = false; return false; } function Norightclick (e) {if (window. Event) {   if (E.which = = 2 | | e.which = = 3)    return false;} else{   if (Event.button = 2 | | event.button = = 3) {       event.cancelbubble = True &nbsp ;   Event.returnvalue = false;        return false;    }}   Document.oncontextmenu = Nocontextmenu; For ie5+ document.onmousedown = Norightclick; For all others//--> </script>   <TITLE>CSS prohibit selection and replication </title> <meta http-equiv= " Content-type "content=" text/html;charset=gb2312 "> <style> body{ -moz-user-select:none;  hutia: Expression (This.onselectstart=function () {return (FALSE)}); } </style> </head> <body> Here is the content of the Web page, try you can copy? </body> </html>     Application example: Code as follows: <html xmlns= "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" > <head runat= "Server" >     <TITLE>JS control page </title>     <script language= "javascript" type= "text /javascript "> &nbsp      //prohibit users from using mail (hide right menu)         Document.oncontextmenu = function Forbidrightkey () {& nbsp           Window.event.returnValue = false;         &NBSP,          //prohibit users from using mail (prompt user to disable right button)         &NB Sp;function block () {             var oevent;           &NBSP ;  if (window.event)                  oevent = window.event;              if (Oevent.button = 2)               & nbsp  alert ("right mouse button not available");          }          document.onmousedown = block;          //When the user presses ALTF4, prompts to close the window information         function altF4 () {    & nbsp       if (Window.event.altKey && windowEvent.keycode = = +) {                  Window.close ()     &NBS P      }         {       //alt the left mouse button to make a shortcut key select how to call content in a text box <body on Keydown= "altF4 ();" >         function Gettxtselect (Eventcontrol) {        &NBS P   if (Eventcontrol.altkey) {                document.getElementById ("Txt1"). Select ();                     {          function Clea Rtxtbyinput () {            document.getElementById ("Txtcontent"). Value = "";        }           function filltxtbyinput () {        & nbsp   document.getElementById ("Txtcontent"). Value = "Input search condition";        }        //Disable a few keys on the keyboard call onKeydown= "Forbidkeys ();"         function Forbidkeys () {            var Content = Window.event.keyCode;             if (content >= && content <=) {                Window.event.returnValue = false;            } else {                Window.alert Co Ntent);                     {         //Prohibit copying Web content &L T;body oncopy= "forbidcopy ();" >          function forbidcopy () {            Window.event.retu Rnvalue = false;             Window.clipboardData.setData ("Text", "");             alert ("Prohibit copying Web content!") ");        }          //Set copy content attach URL of this site   &NBSP     Function setcopycontent () {            Window.event.returnValue = false; &nbs P           var content = Document.title + "/r/n";             content + + document.getElementById ("Txt1"). Value + "/r/n";             content = "This resource comes from" + this.location.href;             window.clipboardData.setData (' Text ', content);             alert ("Copy successful, paste on your qq/msn to recommend to your friends");        }          //disable refreshing F5 and ctrl+f5         function Fo Rbidfreshpage () {              if (Window.event.ctrlKey && window.event.keyCo De = = 116) | | Window.event.keyCode = = 116) {               window.event.keycode = 0;   &NB Sp            WINDOW.EVENT.RETURNVALue = false;            }          {        Document.onkeyd own = Forbidfreshpage;        //Masking JS error         function killerrors () {      &nbsp   ;   return true;        }         window.onerror = killerrors;                </script> </head> <body>     <form I D= "Form1" runat= "Server" >     <div>         <input id= "txt1" type= "text" value= " Hello world! " onclick=" Gettxtselect (event) "/>         <input type=" button "value=" Copy the value in the text box " onclick=" setcopycontent (); "/>         <input id=" txtcontent "value=" Enter search criteria " Style= "Color:aqua" onclick= "cleartxtbyinput ();"  onblur= "filltxtbyinput ();"/>         <p>content</p>       </div>     </form> </body> </html>  
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