Example of table space performance optimization

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Free zone for merging table spaces

The free zone will appear during use of the tablespace, which can affect the performance of the system. The merging of the free areas of the table space is to combine the adjacent small free areas into a complete large free area, the principle of which is shown in Figure 13.56.

(1) "Log on to the Management Server" to log in to "Enterprise Manager", in the Manage Target navigator, select the network/database/myoracle.mynet/storage/tablespace/USERS options, right-click, and select from the shortcut menu that pops up. " Displays the tablespace map option, as shown in Figure 13.57.

(2) The Table space map interface appears as shown in Figure 13.58. In the menu bar, select the Tools/Merge scratch area option.

(3) The table space-free Zone merge interface shown in Figure 13.59 will complete the following steps.

Merges the scratch area.

Refreshes the table space and segment list data.

Refreshes the row link data.

Refreshes the index fragmentation data.

Check space management issues.

Generate and load table space analysis reports.

(4) The results of the merge can be viewed in the interface shown in Figure 13.60.

The reorganization of the table space

As with the reorganization of the table described earlier, the performance of a tablespace can be affected by issues such as link rows, migration rows, and index hysteresis, after a certain amount of time running. Administrators can eliminate space problems by reorganizing database space utilization, and can also change the storage settings and location of objects. The goal is to solve the problem of space utilization by the system to maintain the database, so that it works well. The following is an example of the reorganization of the Cwmlite table space.

(1) Select the "Reorganize" option in the interface shown in Figure 13.57, the "Staging Tablespace" interface shown in Figure 13.61 shows that all schema objects are temporarily stored in the selected tablespaces during the reorganization of the table, so the capacity of the tablespace is generally required to hold temporary information. In the "which table space has enough free space" drop-down list box, select Users, click

。 (2) The "Effect Report and Job summary" interface appears as shown in Figure 13.62, click

The button system automatically generates a table space reorganization effect report and a job execution summary.

(3) The other steps are the same as the reorganization of the table, no longer repeat here.

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