Excel Basics Tutorial-Creating a chart

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With the image to display data, more people at a glance, easy to compare and distinguish, let's take a look at a practice;

1. Start Excel

1 Click "Start-All Programs-microsoft-microsoft Office Excel 2003";

2 There is a blank window full of grid, this is a spreadsheet, the first grid look at the border to be thicker, in the selected state;

2, Excel window

1 point Menu "file-open" command, open the last "score sheet" file;

2 in this form, there are three students, each classmate and a "number of words outside" three results, can be made into an image, and then contrast;

3 The chart generally uses the axis to express, the horizontal axis is the x axis, the ordinate axis is the y-axis, also has the similar map the legend and the title and so on, below we see how to make a chart;

3. Create a chart

1 from the beginning of the name has been dragged to the lower right corner of the 100, box to select these useful data, serial number and learn number can not be necessary;

2 Point Menu "Insert-chart ..." command, pop up a chart wizard panel;

3 The first page is the choice chart type, generally has the column shape, the bar, the polyline, here Point "next" button, uses the default column shape;

4 The second page is the data area, we selected from the "name-100" This piece, each subject piece, the direct point "next" button, If selected "column" is by name;

5 The third page is the title callout, on the left, respectively, fill in the "Score table", "Discipline", "score", point "next" button;

6) page Fourth is the chart position, by default on the current worksheet, click Finish, and sometimes insert into a new worksheet;

This creates a chart, each color represents a classmate, can be compared to three students from the color of the results;

Save the file.

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