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Here's a very practical example for you to explain, that is, in Excel, give a sum of the amount, how to automatically calculate 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 5, 2, 1 cents, 5 points, 2 points, 1 points each have a few!

Let's look at the table below first.

In the table above, A2 gives a number of amounts, and then, in column B, gives a different currency for the amount, the C column calculates each by how many Zhang hundred Yuan, Wu picks the yuan, the double picks up the yuan, picks the yuan, the Wu Yuan, the Double yuan, one yuan, Woocher, the angle, a corner, Wu cent, the minute, a cent composition.

Although the use of the formula is not complicated, but it is not so simple, for the convenience of everyone's learning, the above figure has added an auxiliary column, listed in the C column of the formula, please carefully look, in addition, for the convenience of your study, and then write the formula to the following:

IF (int (A2)/100) >=1,int (int (A2)/100), "0")

INT ((a2-(c2*100))/50)

INT ((a2-c2*100-c3*50)/20)

INT ((a2-c2*100-c3*50-c4*20)/10)

INT ((A2-C2*100-C3*50-C4*20-C5*10)/5)

INT ((a2-c2*100-c3*50-c4*20-c5*10-c6*5)/2)

INT ((a2-c2*100-c3*50-c4*20-c5*10-c6*5)-C7*2/1)

INT ((A2-int (A2))/0.5)

INT ((A2-int (A2)-c9*0.5)/0.2)

INT ((A2-int (A2)-c9*0.5-c10*0.2)/0.1)

INT ((A2-int (A2)-c9*0.5-c10*0.2-c11*0.1)/0.05)

INT ((A2-int (A2)-c9*0.5-c10*0.2-c11*0.1-c12*0.05)/0.02)

INT ((A2-int (A2)-c9*0.5-c10*0.2-c11*0.1-c12*0.05)/0.02)

Let's look at the formula for C4 cell, and hope you have some insight.

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Finally, let's look at how to calculate the formula for the angle: see the picture.

If you all calculate the correct number of sheets, you can also add a total amount of each currency, as shown above, I hope this article is helpful to you.

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