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This article introduces an example of the application of the box tick in Excel: Employee Information questionnaire.

"Example" in the questionnaire shown in the following illustration,

1. Sex can be selected alone

2, hobbies can choose more

The requirement is not only to be selected, but to automatically enter the selected items into the cell.

Operation Steps:

Step 1: Add the Form toolbar in the Development Toolbox

Excel2003: Toolbar Right-click Menu-Form

Excel2007:office button-excel Option-common-display "development tools" in the Ribbon

excel2010: Files-Options-on the right side select "Development Tools"

The position of the following radio and check boxes is shown in the following figure. (Excel2007 and excel2010)

Step 2: Click the radio button, drag and draw 2 radio buttons, respectively, modified to "male" and "female", and then drag and draw 3 check boxes, respectively, modify the title "singing", "Travel" and "calligraphy."

Step 3: Select the radio button "male", the right health menu to set the form control format-Control-cell link Select E3 cell.

In the same way, link the check box links for singing, travel and calligraphy to E4, F4, and G4 cells respectively.

Step 4: In order to be able to enter the selected content into the C3 and C4 cells, you need to set the appropriate formula and match the cell font color settings to the background color.

C3 formula

=if (e3=1, "male", "female")

C4 formula

=if (E4, "singing", "") &if (F4, ", Travel", "") &if (G4, ", calligraphy", "")

Set ok!

Add: If you need to copy data from a questionnaire, you can use a method that selectively pastes values to copy only the value without copying the formula and the selection box.

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