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Because of my work, I often deal with Excel worksheets for a long time. I remember at the bottom of the TM there is a warm little secretarial tip that changes over time. Can we not give our Excel to add such a similar hint? We are teachers, then the automatic change of a famous aphorism every hour?

The effect is to display a famous aphorism in the specified cell every hour, automatically changing over time, once per hour, 24 hours uninterrupted. The method of implementation is also easier said.

The first step: we want to collect 24 famous aphorism, put them in sequence in the SHEET2 worksheet of the A1:a24 cell, each cell a aphorism, respectively, 0 to 23 points to display the content. As shown in Figure 1.

Step Two: Click the menu command "Insert → name → definition" To open the "Define Name" dialog box. Enter our defined name in the Enter box under name in current workbook, such as "Mingyan". Then, in the input box under reference location, enter the formula "=offset (sheet2! $A $1,hour (now), 0,1,1)". The outer double quotes are not included, and the formula input should be done in the Half-width state of the English language. As shown in Figure 2. When the input is complete, click OK to close the dialog box.

Step three: Click on the specified cell, such as the C5 cell in the SHEET3 worksheet, and enter the formula "=mingyan". Enter, see, the corresponding famous aphorism is not there?

Left-click the Sheet2 sheet tab, and then click the menu command "format → worksheet → hide" To hide our famous aphorism. In this way, when the SHEET3 worksheet C5 every hour to change a famous aphorism, it will appear more magical, the effect will be better.

OK, just three steps, isn't it easy?

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