Excel conditional formatting automatically identifies records that meet specific criteria

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The conditional formatting feature of Excel is a powerful and convenient feature. The following describes one of the scenarios where you used the conditional formatting feature in your Excel process.

In an Excel worksheet, there are a number of records, how do you make Excel automatically identify records that meet certain criteria?

For example, the worksheet shown in the following illustration has more than one record requires that the row be highlighted when the field is no in the Finish column (in this case, the row is highlighted in red), so that the user is clear about the work that is not done, and the highlighted background color disappears automatically when yes.

Now start to achieve this effect, first look at the following figure:

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① Select Columns A to E in the worksheet.

② Click menu "Format"--"conditional formatting."

③ in the Conditional Formatting dialog box, select the formula item in the Condition 1 drop-down box.

④ Enter the formula in the text box to the right of the formula box = $E 1 = "yes".

⑤ Click the Format button below and in the Format Cell dialog box, in the Pattern tab, select the color, which is red.

⑥ Click the OK button to close the Conditional Formatting dialog box. The effect at this point is the following figure:

At this point, when you change the cell data in e column to Yes, the red shading of the row disappears automatically, and if no, the line automatically adds red shading.

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