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Excel in the filtering function, convenient for us to look at various types of data, Excel screening methods, there are automatic screening and advanced screening of two kinds, which, AutoFilter, you can also use custom features, the following to explain how to use the Custom filter function!

First of all, the following figure, is a score table, there are two subjects, D is the total score column.

So, what we're going to do is, how do we filter out total points that are greater than or equal to 160 and less than 180?

The method is not difficult, look at the following steps. First, notice oh, select the column in column D, and then perform the menu action: Data → filter → auto filter.

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Such an operation, we are not difficult to find that the total number of D columns there, there is a drop-down combo box, as shown above.

Then, like the following figure, clicking on the dropdown combo box pops up the list and we select Customize in the list.

Eject the following image. Next, it's time to set the conditions.

As shown above, set the condition to be greater than or equal to 160 with less than or equal to 180, and finally, click OK.

In this way, the required data are screened out, looking at the effect of the graph. This is the example of a custom filter that I hope will help you.

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