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Underscores often appear in surveys or questionnaires to indicate where content needs to be filled in. In Excel, we can add spaces to the cells first, then select the space and click the Underline button on the Formatting toolbar to make this "fill in the blanks" underline, but perhaps friends have encountered this situation: when there are no more characters after the underscore, if the input focus shifts to the other cells, The last part that you just showed the underline disappears, double-click the cell to make it back in the internal edit state, the underline appears again, but the carriage return is hidden again, and it is never printed. As shown in Figure 1.

Workaround: Add a character after the underscore, such as "1", and then select "1" to set its color to match the background color (for example, "1" can also be white when the cell is filled with white). The specific effect is shown in Figure 2.

The following character "1" will appear in the formula bar, if you are dissatisfied with this "fox", here is another trick: using ASCII spaces. First open the Command Line window, hold down the ALT key, and then press the number key on the keypad 255, then release the ALT key, in the window to get an ASCII space, and then right-click the window title bar, select "Edit" → "mark", and then use the mouse to drag and choose just make good space, again right click on the title bar of the window, select Edit → copy, and paste it into a cell in Excel. In this way, even in the editorial column can not see the clue. As shown in Figure 3.

Generally speaking, this "fill in the blank" underline appears depending on whether there is a character behind it, regardless of the preceding character. There is only one exception, when this underline is followed by a number, if there are no characters in front of it, the underline will automatically disappear after the carriage return, and the spaces will be automatically deleted (unless you are using an ASCII space), and if you want to make a "blank" underline, you need to set the data type of the cell to the text type first.

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