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Why do the formulas in Excel sometimes calculate inaccuracies and calculate error values?

In general, the use of formula functions, as long as the attention to two aspects of the problem, should not have any problems.

One is to use a pair function. Each function has its own name, and each function has its own calculation function. Therefore, the use of the name of the function is to ensure that the calculation does not problem the first pass.

The second is to determine a good calculation range for the function of the formula, that is, the parameters of the function. This is the second pass that guarantees that the formula does not calculate the error.

But sometimes, as the above two conditions are already available, the result of the calculation by formula function is wrong or the result is inaccurate, what is this? Below we analyze from the following three aspects.

The most likely cause of computational errors and inaccurate calculations is the following three aspects.

Aspects of a

There are hidden cells or rows or columns in the data range, which can mislead us when we use the formula function, we have an error in determining the function arguments, which results in an error in the calculation.

Because the hidden data we can not see, and the use of parameters when the reference to the hidden cells, and see the data as if it is referred to the address, so, a comparison of the calculation, we found the error.

Aspect two

If there is a merged cell inside the cell, it is also the cause of the inaccurate calculation of the operation error. If more than one cell is merged into a single cell, in fact, the data has the first cell, not the other merged cells, so when referencing the function arguments, do not use the location of the data display as a parameter.

It is clear that the actual position of the data of the merged cell can ensure the accurate calculation.

Aspect three

The ambiguous format of the cell data is also the cause of the computational error.

Some of the cell data is derived from the data software to generate the spreadsheet data, so that the Excel formula function can not tell the data in exactly which format data, so, can not be calculated. So it causes a computational error.

As long as you make clear the above three aspects of knowledge, then you use the function formula, you can find the reason for the calculation is not allowed.

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