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Excel modifies the appropriate size of the background picture? Yesterday has done the embedded picture experience, although achieved the purpose, but the effect is not too good, because the size of the picture itself to create a tile work thin situation, at this time we need to modify the picture to achieve better display effect, let's take a look at it!


First we open the sample table and repeat yesterday's operation.

We first insert the picture and then resize the picture to match the size of the table.

The adjustment method is very simple, you can use the input values, or directly with the left mouse button to drag the picture outside the box. Remember that the picture drag needs to cancel out the lock aspect ratio check.

After adjusting the size, we right-click on the image to copy, or select the picture to use CTRL + V shortcut keys to copy the picture. Then paste it into the drawing tool and save it.

The picture is finished, as shown in the figure. Next, use yesterday's action to embed the picture below the table as a background.

After the background, compared with yesterday's sample table is not more excellent. Background image If the effect is not good, please change other background elements or use better image processing tools.

A classmate reaction cannot complete the effect of step 6. To illustrate this, after inserting a picture background, select the entire table, and then in the cell settings in the fill item, use white padding. Then select the table box where you want the background to appear, and then select the fill again with no color fill.

The above is an Excel to modify the background picture of the appropriate size method introduction, the operation is very simple, we have learned? I hope this article can help!

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