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One, put aside the direction key, move the cell up and down

Due to work needs, I enter a large number of text in Excel cells, you know, in Excel, if you want to select the cell to the right of the selected cells, you can press the arrow keys to move, in order to save time, so that the operation of higher speed, you can press the TAB key, This allows you to quickly select the cell to the right of the selected cell, because when typing two hands are working in the primary key area, if you want to press the direction key, you have to vacate the right hand, which will undoubtedly reduce efficiency; So what do you do if you want to select the cell to the left of the selected cell? The author has found that the "shift+tab" combination can be pressed at the same time, so that the selected cell will move to the left. We know that. Fast move the selected cells to the left and right, the next cell is the "Enter" key, the same reason, if you want to select the cell up is to press the key combination "Shift+enter", How, So you can enter a lot of text in Excel faster.

Second, quickly select the cell that contains the link

Enter an e-mail address in a cell in Excel, and the cell is automatically converted to a hyperlink by default, and clicking it opens the hyperlink, so how can you select this cell without opening the hyperlink? The method is simple, using the mouse to hold the cell for a few seconds, You can select it.

Three, quickly calculate the rectangle diagonal length

Given the length and width of the rectangle, it is now required to calculate its diagonal lengths, and Excel can quickly calculate the answer. How to operate it?

If you set the rectangle to x, the width is y, and the diagonal length is z, you can see from this formula that Z is required, and there are two steps. First, calculate the square value of x and the square value of y, and add them together; second, the value that is derived from the initial step is the root, and the figure is Z. Obviously, we want to use two functions in Excel, one is to compute the square of a value, that is, the number of the power operation, and the second is to calculate the square root of the number.

Four, keep the formula inside the cell

Enter a formula anywhere in the cell in Excel, such as =1+1, press ENTER, when this cell will no longer show the formula, and display the calculation results 2, but sometimes we do not want to see the results immediately, but hope that this cell can continue to show the formula, how to solve this problem? The method is simple, After you enter a formula in a cell, click "Tools" in the menu bar--"Formula auditing"--"formula audit mode" so that you can keep the formula intact, and if you want to show the formula calculation results, you can click "Formula Auditing Mode" again.

Let the similar and 1+1 format be saved, not calculated as 2

In a cell to enter a formula, such as =1+1, and then press ENTER, the value of this cell is automatically calculated to be 2, can you remove this formula, and permanently converted to a numeric value? Take the 1+1 formula as an example, let me explain how to use numeric values to permanently replace a formula: first select the cell containing the formula, then click "Copy", then click "Paste", then click on the arrow on the right, and then click "Only Value", so that The formula in the cell is permanently converted to a numeric value. What if you've already performed the steps above and want to change the value back to the formula? The method is simple, just click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar. Sometimes we don't want to convert the whole equation to numeric values, but we just want to convert part of the formula to a numeric value. Select the cell that contains the formula, and then in the edit bar, select the part that you want to convert to a numeric value, press F9, and then press ENTER, and the part is converted to a value instead of a formula.

Vi. removal of recent work records

There are several recently edited workbooks under the Excel File menu, and sometimes we don't want it to show up, how do we hide these workbooks? Click Options on the Tools menu, click the General tab in the pop-up dialog box, and then remove the tick in front of the list of recently used files. If you want to change the number of recently used files that appear under the File menu, you can select this check box, and then enter the number of items to follow.

Seven, display the cell containing the calculation formula

In an Excel worksheet, there is a large amount of data, some of which are entered directly, and some are calculated using formulas. Now you want to display the cells of the data that you calculated with the formula.

Methods: Select all the selected cells, then click on the Menu "edit"-"positioning", then pop-up the "Positioning" dialog box, click "Positioning conditions", select "Formula", and then click "OK", so that the cell containing the formula will be displayed.

Eight, simplest move and copy

Depending on the job needs, we need to put some of our most commonly used toolbar buttons in a more concentrated place, that is, the Move toolbar button, which is very easy to implement, to move the toolbar button, you can press the "ALT" button to haul the toolbar buttons, move it to another location. If you want to copy one of the buttons on a toolbar to another place on the toolbar, you can drag the button to another place while pressing the "Atl+ctrl" key combination. Note here that when you move and copy a toolbar button, you must first press the "ALT" and "Alt+ctrl" key combinations, and then drag with the mouse. What if you don't want it after you copy the toolbar button? The method is simple, you just need to press the "Alt+ctrl" key combination again, drag the unwanted button to the outside of the toolbar.

Nine, quick Insert function

In Excel, if you want to insert a function, you can use the shortcut key "Shift+f3" and press this key combination to eject the Insert Function dialog box.

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