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How to use Excel to arrange the examination room so that the students in the class can not be in adjacent seats?

That is to avoid classmates in the same examination room, but also to avoid adjacent seats can not be classmates?

The method is simple, and using the fill sort can solve the problem.

For example, the following is the student roster for a class in one grade, and now we are arranging the examination and seating.

First, arrange the examination room

First of all, we have to do is to arrange each class of students in the examination room, as far as possible to the same examination room can not have classmates. Or, there are some or very few classmates in the same examination room.

For example, in one grade there are 20 classes, each class has 50 students, then the total number of students is 1000 people; if there are 30 students in one examination room, then there are 30 seats in each examination room, then the total number of examination rooms is 31.

Now arrange the examination room first.

The following figure, add a "Test Room" column, and then, using the Fill function, from the top down to fill 1 to 31, 1 to 31 represents the examination number;

Note that from 1 to 31, and then to 1 to 31, until the entire grade of students are filled out.

By filling, you get the data from the following figure.

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Now look at the picture below, each of the students are arranged to test the city, respectively, in different examination rooms, even in the same class of students in the same examination room, but also a minority, later through the following methods, can solve adjacent problems.

The classmate of the same examination room cannot be in the adjacent position

Through such as the operation, the whole grade of each student has arranged the examination room, now, to do is the same examination in the same class students can not be in the adjacent position.

A, first of all through the sorting method, the examination room number is sorted

This will enable the students of the same examination room to be sorted together.

B. Seating in the same examination room

In the same examination room, most students are different classes, but a small number of students are in the same class, so we have to ensure that students in the same class can not be in the adjacent position.

What can be done about it? What is the way to solve the problem?

For the same examination room of the student data sorting, other examination room regardless. or save the student data for each examination room as an Excel file.

Sorting, according to the student name sorting, so that the basic can solve the adjacent problems, sorted out, and then through the filling method, to the same exam students fill 1 to 30 of the seat number.

So, the whole arrangement examination room, the classmate can not adjacent problem can be solved satisfactorily. If you want to use a random number for the student seat in the same exam, please refer to the other tutorials in this site.

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