Excel VBA programming to draw a house on a form

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Excel VBA programming to draw a house on a form . This tutorial is to introduce you to use Excel VBA programming on the form to draw a house method, the tutorial comparison basis, produced the effect is very good, recommend to see.


Open the Excel table and enter the VBE window.

Insert the module.

Programming in Module 1, declaring 4 functions, a structure, and writing a program that displays a form--"painting."

Insert the form.

This is the inserted form.

Double-click the form to enter the programming interface, write a form Click event-triggered program, and invoke the 1 structure-written programs declared in Module 1. This is the coordinates of the 4 points in front of the roof and the house, the coordinates of the 5 points on the side of the house.

This is the coordinates of 4 points between the door and the window.

Call the 4 functions declared in Module 1 to write a drawing house program.

Close the VBE window and start the macro in the Excel table interface.

Execute the macro--"draw".

The form appears on the table, which is the result of the "draw" program.

Click the form and a house appears, which is the result of the form click event Program.

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