EXCEL2007 fast input data method for multiple worksheets

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The writer edits a Excel2007 workbook file every month, which contains more than 10 sheets. In the process of compiling the report, the author found that in addition to the numerical data must be changed, all of the reports of a common place is to be modified to the same content, that is, J3 cell to enter the table date. Before, the author is a worksheet to modify the J3 cell, and later the author found that the following methods can be used to quickly enter the table for each report date.

1. Type method

If you haven't entered a date in cell J3 on any worksheet, you can enter the date into all worksheets as follows:

Step one: Start the Excel2007 and open the workbook you want.

Step Two: Right-click the sheet tab, and then click Select All Sheets on the shortcut menu.

Step three: Enter "November 30, 2009" in the J3 cell of the currently active worksheet and press ENTER. The J3 cell for all worksheets in the workbook is entered at the same time as November 30, 2009.

2. Filling method

If you have entered a date in cell J3 on a worksheet, you can populate all other worksheets with the following steps:

First step: Click the tab for the worksheet that you have entered the date, and then press and hold CTRL while you click the tab of the worksheet where you want to fill the data. If you don't see the label you want, click the Label Scrolling button to display the label, and then click it.

Step two: In the active worksheet, select the J3 cell that contains the date you entered.

Step three: Click the Start tab, and then in the Edit group, click Fill, and then click Group Sheet.

Step Fourth: Under Fill, select the options you want, such as selecting All, and clicking OK.

The above two methods have their own advantages, and you choose to use them according to your needs and preferences. Also, use the Find and Replace command to complete this task. Believe you can also extrapolate, can enter the same content in multiple worksheets at the same time.

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