Excel2007 formatting annotations

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Excel2007 formatting annotations

If you don't like the default appearance of cell annotations, make changes to the appearance of the annotation by using the start-> font and start-> Group alignment groups.

For more formatting options, right-click the annotation border and choose Set Annotation Format from the shortcut menu. EXCEL Displays the Format Annotation dialog box, which you can use to change many aspects of your appearance.

Tip: You can also display an image inside an annotation. Select the Colors and Lines tab in the set up Straight Annotation Format dialog box. Sheep Click the Color drop-down list and select Fill effect. In the Fill Effect dialog box, click the Picture tab and then the lamb clicks the Select Picture button to specify the graphics file. Figure 5.16 shows an annotation with a picture.

Another option for cell annotations
You can use the data validation feature of Excel to add different types of annotations to a cell. The type of annotation appears automatically when the cell is selected. Implement the following steps:

1. The selection will contain the cells of the annotation.

2. Select the data-> Data Tool Yin "data has a drum," Display the Data Validation dialog box.

3. In the Data Validation dialog box, click the Enter multiple tab.

4. Make sure that the display input information when selecting cells check box is marked with a check mark.

5. Enter the annotation in the Enter information box.

6. As an option, enter a title in the title box (the text will appear in bold form at the top of the message).

7. Click OK to close the Data Validation dialog box.

After you implement the above steps, information appears when you activate the cell, and the information disappears when any other cell is activated.

Note that this information is not a "true" annotation. For example, a cell with that type of information does not display annotation marks, and it does not affect any commands used to process cell annotations. In addition, you cannot format the information in any way.

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