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In some of the more complex Excel2007 datasheets, we might want to be aware of the data changes in some of the cells in Excel 2007 at any time. For example, see changes in the total number of sales in different regions, or at the same time to see the distribution of different worksheets in the attendance, overtime, bonuses and other data. If it's a hassle to repeat the lookup every time, we use Excel2007 's "Watch Window" to easily monitor the data.

There are three worksheets in the Excel2007 file below, and we define a summation formula that contains three worksheet-specific cells in the B12 cell of Sheet1. Now we need to be able to see the changes in the rollup data when we modify any cell data in three worksheets.

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Now click on the "Formulas" tab and click on the "Watch Window" button.

Now we see the Watch window.

Select the Sheet1 B12 cell that we need to monitor in real time, and click "Add Watch" in the Watch window.

The B12 cell position of the Sheet1 we selected appears in the Add Watch window, but you can also modify or write the desired cell position here.

The Watch window shows what we just added.

This "Watch Window" can be moved anywhere, for example, we can pull it under the Excel2007 Ribbon window for easy viewing.

We can also move it to the bottom of the Excel2007.

Now we modify the number of D5 cells in the Sheet2, and we can see that the data in the monitor window changes as well.

If you want to move quickly between multiple monitoring areas, you can jump to the cell position by double-clicking the Watch Window's watch in the Watch window.

If you need to delete a watch, just select the monitored content that you want to delete in the Watch window and click "Remove Watch".

If you are in Excel2003, you can use the monitoring function in the following ways: Select the appropriate cell, right-click the mouse, and in the shortcut menu that pops up, select "Add Watch" command.

When you need to view it, perform the tools → formula auditing → show Watch Window command, and expand the Watch window to browse for the appropriate data.

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