excel2010 How to open two windows at the same time

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excel2010 How to open two windows at the same time

1. First Win7 version click the "Start" menu, enter the input box "Regedit.exe" to open the registry.

2. Then locate the path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT excel.sheet.12 and Hkey_classes_rootexcel.sheet.8, as shown in the figure.

3. Here first change the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT excel.sheet.12 inside the registry, open Shellopen

Delete the Ddeexec folder inside, and then open the Command folder and double-click the registry command inside.

Change the document to read as follows: XB ' BV5!!!!!!!!! Mkkskexcelfiles>vijqbof (Y8 ' w! Fid1glq '%1 '

Copy and paste directly to save.

And then the same way to excel.sheet.8 inside Shellopen

Delete the Ddeexec folder, and then also modify the registry file in command:

XB ' BV5!!!!!!!!! Mkkskexcelfiles>vijqbof (Y8 ' w! Fid1glq '%1 '

The content is the same as excel.sheet.12.

Note: Smart netizens will find that in fact, the two code differences in the end, the simplest and no problem is: Double-click Command, only to the end of the/dde to "%1", do not need to replicate the past, Sheet8 and sheet12 the same. So there is no "only valid for the current product" issue.

(because everyone's office version may be different, D or Z version also have a difference, only to change the final/dde is safe, and then thank long464882031)

4. (Another method is to import the change of the registry, file see Baidu Network disk link Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3vIhNJ)

Locate the path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT excel.sheet.12

Click File-Import, select Excel.sheet.12.reg file to import registry.

5. Find the same path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Excel.Sheet.8 (usually near HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT excel.sheet.12)

Also import the Excel.sheet.8.reg file.

Import complete

6. The final completion, while opening 2 separate windows, as shown.

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