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   1. Double-click a cell to move the selected cell

In an Excel table, if we want to move a cell's data quickly, just select the cell, and if you want to move to the right, just select the cell, move the mouse pointer to the right of the cell, and then press and hold it to the right, and then move in the other direction.

  2. Quickly select discontinuous cells

Before we want to select a discontinuous cell, many people may use the continuous hold down CTRL key and then click the cell, in fact, without this trouble, in the Excel2010 has a "add selected" mode, as long as you press the SHIFT+F8 at the same time, you can enter the Add selected mode, We can click on the discontinuous cell.

  3. Smart variable text as a number

When we copy some data, we sometimes find that some data is imported into Excel in the form of text, in Excel, the numbers are aligned to the right by default, and the text is left, so what do we do to solve this situation? One way to do this is to quickly convert text formats into digital formats, First we enter a blank cell in a number 1, select the cell after the copy, then select the need to adjust the range, sticky paste when choosing the "selective sticky" in the "multiply" this time you will find that the content from the text format into the number format.

4. Select cells based on criteria

In the Excel2010 has a positioning function, click F5 can be opened positioning function, in the positioning function we can according to their own positioning criteria to choose the type of cell, the condition is set up after the desired cell data can be found.

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