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I am investigating a project: Migrating an ASP program from Winnt Server 4.0 + IIS 4.0 to Win2000 Server + IIS5. The first time I used ASP, I am willing to sort out some problems and solutions encountered in this process and stay here. "Posting is the best memory ."
The second part is about how to use code to operate Excel files in Windows.
I. Some Questions About Excel
After some outsourcing projects for Japan, I found that Japanese especially prefer Excel. During the development process, Japanese usually use Excel file management requirements for changes, and also use Excel to manage bugs. Daily reports, weekly reports, and schedule management tables are usually Excel files.
Japanese are also good at Excel. They usually make a general Excel template for a certain type of files and embed some VBA programs in a targeted manner. For example, for test management, they carefully design a set of Excel sheet and write a set of VBA functions to implement a custom ToolBar. We use this template file to write a unit test book. Test cases of different modules are written in different Excel Sheet and numbered. During the test, a Cell is dedicated behind the corresponding test case to fill in the test results. If there is a bug, you should fill in the cause of the bug, whether the modification has been completed, and so on. You can click different buttons on the custom ToolBar to perform test progress statistics, test point classification summary, and Bug classification statistics, and display the Bug distribution in charts. The entire test is centered on the Excel file, and the final result is an Excel file.
I was surprised to see this exquisite Excel template. I used to think about a Web program to manage the test process, but I was never able to do it: first, it was not enough time, I think how can I invest one or two months of spare time to develop an available Web program? Second, I have the idea of "creating a general system, the testing of each project seems to be different.
Currently, "how to use code to operate Excel files" is often involved in Win32-based application development and. net-based application development.

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