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The way to display products and services is the key to their success. On the web, the first impression you leave to your users is critical.

If someone visits your site, be sure to draw his attention. After you try to attract their attention, you need to introduce your product in a matter of seconds. According to the Google Analytics benchmark report in recent years, the U.S. site's bounce Rate (bounce rate) up to 42.5%. If a visitor doesn't understand what you're offering and how it works, they lose interest quickly. Show them your product and let them know that the product is what they want, it's useful, and it can bring some value to their lives.

A successful product presentation can achieve that goal. This article will cover different aspects of the product presentation and give examples of how you can use them to showcase the benefits of your product. The goal is to describe the different elements in general so that the product pages are more successful.

Attract attention

Before anyone believes in the quality of your product, you should first get people to notice the product. Whether people are looking for your product or not, once you get their attention, you're in a good position to stimulate their interest and push them to order. Catch the eye of the user and the things you can do are limited by your creativity. Here's a list of three examples I think are very effective.


Countless freelance creators in the business and innovation sectors provide some sort of information about their services and advanced work. Often, you'll find a lot of boring screenshots in your browsing, even with boring introductory information.

Picture from: Chris Bower

Web designer Chris Bower uses a unique, compelling way to showcase his expertise. Its work has done three things professionally on a variety of devices: on a clean web site, it is extremely compelling; it shows the designer's level because it looks quite professional; it conveys Chris's work for any device you can imagine. Just a glance at his home page and you will know whether to enter the site.

Give your visitors a surprise

Another good way to attract attention is to surprise your visitors. Give them something they don't expect, stop them and figure out what they see. We live in a familiar environment every day, and those unexpected things naturally attract our attention.

Pictures from: Nike

Nike shows its new sneakers in the shape of its wings. The arrangement of various colors and the fading out of the middle color will allow people to watch carefully. The design is not only visually pleasing, but also attracts attention because people are not sure what they see is wings, shoes? or both.

People like humor.

With its features, popularity and unique appearance, many products are more easily promoted. But for other products, marketing is hard to benefit from the product itself, which requires a more creative approach.

Photo from: Evian

One of those cases is the Evian brand. How can ordinary water attract people's attention? It's actually very simple. Put forward a product-related slogan, such as "Live Young", and then turn this slogan into a visual movement in some humorous way. A few years ago, Evian's interesting sports video spread like a virus-proving that this unique approach has been well received.

Explain product

Product presentation influences People's first impressions of you and products-including how they perceive you and whether they understand the characteristics of the product. Online services and new products need to be described in particular so that visitors can understand them well. In particular, if users don't know what your product will do for them, they won't pay for it.

Introduction Products

In order to make it easy for people to use a variety of advanced technologies (such as the Internet), a large number of inventions. Any mature idea can now be implemented as a product or service, but some of them are abstract and need to be interpreted carefully.

Photo from: Tickera

Tickera employees are aware of the need to seriously explain their systems. Their home page is very simple, focused only on products and main functions. The ticketing service is not a physical product, and they have made great efforts to explain the service by showing it through beautiful, trustworthy visual images. Even if you just take a look, you can also know what Tickera is.

How does it work?

The other side of the product presentation approach is explaining how it works. Basically, you can show how the product works by manipulating it. A screenshot of the display software differs greatly from the display of the device on which it works.

Photo from: Square

Square is pretty good at showing the product, explaining what it is and how it works. Its high-resolution pictures show how simple it is to connect to a credit card and pay through it. All you need is a square card reader, an iphone and the app-no other language to express the value of the product.

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