[Exception] jlink error: cocould not find supported CPU core on JTAG chain J-link cannot connect to stm32 Kernel

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>_<"It was okay last night. I couldn't debug it this morning. When I downloaded the program, I always reported that J-link could not be connected, and the stm32 seemed to have crashed. The LED lights did not flash, and the tftscreen was not displayed.

>_<" I thought it was a problem with the J-Link driver, but after I re-installed the driver and restarted the computer, it still didn't work ~ At last, someone on the Internet said that boot0 was connected to a high level, so I found the boot0 foot of stm32, and J-link was able to connect, but it seems that the Board still tends to crash, no way, power-off, take the display screen down, and download another simple led routine. This time, we finally saw the LED flashing, So we installed the tftscreen.

>_<"~ It was a real shock, or we would have to burn-RMB again!


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[Exception] jlink error: cocould not find supported CPU core on JTAG chain J-link cannot connect to stm32 Kernel

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