Exercises on codility (14)

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(1) Tieropes

Given n-segment rope--a positive integer array, and a positive integer k, can only connect adjacent two ropes at a time, connect the length of the rope to the length of the rope before, and the position is unchanged, asked so connected, up to how many root length of at least k rope?

Data range: n[1..10^5], array elements and K range [1..10^9].

Complexity required: Time O (N), Space O (1).

Analysis: Assuming that a rope is eventually thrown away, why not attach the rope to its adjacent rope? So I won't throw the rope ... So the linear sweep sum >= k is a ...

You can also with includes, for example://#include <algorithm>int solution (int K, vector<int> &a) {
    //Write your code in c++11    int r = 0;    for (int i = 0; i < a.size ();) {        int length = 0;        for (; (I < A.size ()) && (length < K); Length + = a[i++])        ;        if (length >= K) {            ++r;        }    }    return r;    }

(2) Maxnonoverlappingsegments

Given n segments, each segment is [A[i],b[i]] (closed interval), and the line segment has been sorted by the end endpoint to find out how many segments with no common points can be selected.

Data range N [0..30000], A, b arrays are integers, range [0..10^9].

Complexity of requirements: the time space is O (1).

Analysis: This is the event scheduling problem ... And the interval is sorted by the right endpoint, greedy one by one, the intersection will be thrown away.


You can use includes, for example://#include <algorithm>//you can write to stdout for debugging purposes, e.g./ /cout << "This is a debug message" << Endl;int solution (vector<int> &a, vector<int> &b) {    //write your code in c++11    int last =-1, answer = 0;    for (int i = 0; i < a.size (), ++i) {        if (last < 0) | | (A[i] > B[last])) {Last            = i;            ++answer;        }    }    return answer;}

Exercises on codility (14)

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