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Windows: Expand detailed explanation ---- post 2007-06-1713: 362007-05-15 09: 43 expand extracts files from compressed files. You can use this command to extract driver files from A. cab file or compressed file. The expand command containing the following parameters is only available when the fault recovery console is used. You can use the expand command with different parameters at the command prompt. Expand source [/F: filespec}] [destination] [/d] [/y] parameter source specifies the file to be expanded. If the source file contains only one file, use this option. Source can be composed of a drive letter, a colon, a directory name, a file name, or a combination. Wildcard characters are not allowed. /F: size if the source file contains multiple files, specify the name of the file to be extracted. You can use wildcards for the files to be extracted. Destination specifies the target directory and (or) File Name of the extracted file or each individual file. /D: list the files contained in the cab file without expanding or extracting them. /Y does not show the overwrite prompt when expanding or extracting files. In the following example, msgame is extracted from the driver cab file on the installation CD. sys File and copy it to C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM \ drivers: Expand D: \ i386 \ driver. cab \ f: msgame. in the Sys C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM \ drivers example, the compressed file access is expanded. CP _: Expand D: \ i386 \ acces. cp_c: \ windows \ system32 \ access. in the CPL example, all files in the driver cab file on the installation CD are listed. Expand/d: \ i386 \ driver. Cab essentials · The driver cab file contains thousands of files, including most of the drivers provided by windows. It takes a long time and a lot of disk space to expand all files from the cab file to the hard disk. We recommend that you extract only the required files from this file.
· If no target is specified, the file will be copied to the current directory.
· Removable media, such as a floppy drive or CD-ROM, cannot be specified as the target. Example:
D: \ various \ Good> Expand DDC. Cab-F: loader.exe destinationd: \ various \ Good Extracts a single file with wildcards
D: \ various \ Good> expandddc. Cab Destinationd: \ various \ Good   Decompress and consolidate the cab file

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