Expectation and practice of content migration or domain name switching

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Content migration or domain name switching

Look forward to 3-6 months after the Google content page of the original ranking can be restored

Look forward to 1-3 months later, Yahoo! included can restore

Look forward to 1-3 months after the MSN included can restore

Recommended Practice Process:

Use 301 Redirect to point all pages of the old site to the correct domain name of the new site

Change all links to old stations and point to new sites (better than pointing to redirected pages)

Analyze your access log to see the 2-300 most visited links to the old site, and then contact them as much as possible and ask them to update the links.

Using Yahoo! Site Explorer repeats the previous action and retrieves 2-300 of the links to point to (the links shown in Yahoo! are important).

Make sure that both the old and new sites have been authenticated by Google Webmaster and submitted to sitemaps.

Write a post in Google Webmaster Help forum that shows you how your site is changing, why you are doing it, and please use Google to forgive the unhappiness and hope that you will be able to recognize the new domain name

In the media and on the Internet-on the one hand can maximize the recovery of these outside the chain, on the other hand, can attract more users

Monitor the site's content page rankings, compared to the old-if the rankings fall (unfortunately, no if), then immediately contact Google and inform them of the update process and details

Through the webmaster monitoring Google spiders crawl error, see Using 301 redirect, Google is still working well

Sign up for a new domain name

Look forward to 20-40 days time, Google can be included

Look forward to 6-9 months to enter the fierce competition in the Google rankings (if the chain is too small, time will be longer; If you can get many already ranked good links, then the time is shorter)

Look forward to 3–90 days in the time, Yahoo can be included

Look forward to 2-4 months to enter the fierce competition in the Yahoo rankings

Look forward to 15-30 days time, MSN can be included

Look forward to 1-2 months to enter the fierce MSN competition in the ranks

Recommended Practice Process:

Register the domain name for the longest period-10

Use distinctive, easy to remember signs to register your domain name (using the same contact method)

Determine if the host address has not been spam punished or has hung an

Verify via Google Webmaster and submit Sitemap

Submit Sitemap to Yahoo! and MSN (once they start supporting-should be at some point this year)

Create impact-linked bait, viral marketing, or media warfare-the site will get a lot of links and attention in the first few weeks of these events, which is hard to be ignored by search engines (except, of course, by Google Sandbox)

In the event, the site will produce a lot of homogeneous content, start only let search engine index hundreds of pages is very sensible approach, and then slowly expand-for the lack of trust of the site, suddenly produce a large number of related content will drown the search engine, so to control the search robot to crawl all content- So it's best to control what pages can be caught, because you know exactly which one should be caught first.

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