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The general love of Java puts forward some standards. In fact, the web-related industry always puts forward some standards, and Java developers are the most. Forced, I understand that powerful frameworks are emerging with different features. Web development provides basic functions that allow you to easily open a Web Development Guide. As a result, we have extracted some common essence and put forward the so-called industry standards. These industry standards have undoubtedly become a model for emerging web frameworks. Well, it will take a long time to combine. It is at this stage.

The following are the Web framework standards proposed by the Django framework designer:
========================================================== ==========
An excellent web framework has the following concerns:
Provide URL ing
Easy to display, verify and re-display HTML Forms
Convert user-submitted items into easy-to-manipulate data structures
Separate Content and Display using the template System
Easy integration with persistence layer
Higher abstraction and productivity improvement
Remove yourProgramDefect
========================================================== ==========

I have also joined hands and made some of my own supplements:

Propose common data access interfaces for different databases (mainstream;
Provides common and convenient permission control interfaces;
Facilitate data migration and archive data migration records;
Generic with the frameworkCodeGenerate environment;
Run with the framework and test environment;
Provides a comfortable document generation environment;
Remote project release and management environment;

The standards I have proposed have already been proven and used in some frameworks. I believe that the improved versions of the emerging and mature frameworks will gradually integrate these standards into themselves.

I think everyone should come up with their own Web framework standards, rather than simply imagining them. Today's web development, both in terms of technical support and development environments, has basically achieved "you dare to think, I dare to make it. "to the extent that the Web serves people, the Web Developer becomes human to attract people. For the Web framework, the web developer is also a user, does the Web framework still fail to be implemented when the user raises the requirement...

Finally, I reference the essence of Ruby on Rails. The habit is greater than the configuration. This habit must be a standard.

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