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Preparations required by the product manager

At present, there are many communities for Internet product managers, including a large amount of information. The experience in how to cultivate and become an excellent product manager is also a lot of experience. I also read a lot and have benefited a lot. Today, I am not talking about how to become a good product manager. To become a good product manager is only the second step. I am a half-way expert. Let's talk about the preparations required by the product manager.

1. Focus on Internet Trends:

  1. Every day, I read the latest Internet information from Sina technology or other portals. I always pay attention to Internet Trends. Only by knowing the past can I better grasp the future.
  2. UseGoogle ReaderSubscribe to a large number of Internet blogs (moonlight blog, 36kr, some internet things, such as love fan er, tech2ipo, caogen net, and cool e). Read and update blogs every day to get a deep understanding of the industry. Focusing on Internet dynamics won't let you know what is hidden behind the scenes. Read the ideas and interpretations of senior people, read others' opinions first, absorb others' opinions, and then form your own opinions, personal thoughts. In a word, the book in the library is changed into your own, and then the book you write is changed into a library.
  3. Try out new Internet products such as Google +, blogs, Netease lofter, location sign-in services such as Foursquare and Digu, and constantly try new products, experience what these products are doing well and what they are doing badly. Take notes and write your ideas. How can they be improved and done better, if you encounter something that you don't have on the Internet and you really want, if people around you have encountered this problem, maybe this is your chance!
  4. Join communities of Internet product managers, such as Douban's "Internet product manager elites" and "mobile Internet product managers". Read the micro-network product manager forum and the China product manager alliance, participate in discussions, share knowledge, discover and solve problems. Internet product managers are a group of "hackers" who can solve problems, build things, and share freely and with others.

    Ii. Theoretical knowledge reserves:
    Product Manager:

  5. Read 《Everyone is a product managerMaster the theoretical knowledge of product managers on demand management, project management, and team coordination. This book provides a good overview of the basic work of the product manager. Reading this book can give you a comprehensive understanding of the work of the product manager.
  6. Read 《Network ConnectionRead a Senior Product Manager's knowledge about the career choices of Internet product managers and how to create internet products, product optimization, data analysis, product operation, project management, competitive intelligence analysis, etc, both the book "networking" and "Everyone is a product manager" are practice books for domestic product managers, but there is still a big difference between the two. "networking" focuses more on the general direction, renren involves more details of daily work and is a good complement to each other.
  7. Read 《Product Manager's first bookUnderstanding the differences between traditional product managers and Internet product managers, and deepening understanding of product optimization, marketing, pricing, and promotion.
  8. ReadRevelationKnowing the three basic conditions for creating a product and how to create some work and product management experience for your favorite products, revelation focuses on product management and process optimization, project management and other knowledge.

    User Experience interaction design:

  9. Read 《Don't make me think", Understand some guiding principles of web page design (others wait, don't let me think, don't bother me) And how Web page design can be more prominent and convenient for users, at the same time, I got a preliminary understanding of the knowledge and principles of Web availability testing;
  10. Read 《User Experience ElementsThis book brings me some basic concepts of user experience, while allowing readers to think more deeply about the user experience field, the optimization of user experience should be considered from five layers: strategy layer, scope layer, structural layer, framework layer, and presentation layer. These five layers basically cover all elements of user experience, the five elements are also the overall idea of Internet product design. To build an excellent Internet product, these five levels of knowledge must be associated.

  11. Read 《Win in usersThis book is also a user-centered design for user experience. By reading and learning about the user survey methods and data processing methods, this book provides readers with good ideas and practical guidance.

    Theoretical knowledge about marketing and network promotion:

  12. Read 《Earn your website-website operation manual", The book can give me a lot of inspiration and help in website operation, can help readers understand the optimization of Baidu search (SEO) rankings on the internet, website operation promotion methods, website operation planning, and website operation management.
  13. Read 《How to sell lobsterThis book inspires me to think about product improvement and product sales from many aspects. At the same time, this book also starts from users, use the value of users to inspire marketing personnel to innovate and train of thought for product marketing.
  14. Read 《Beer and diapers", This book is about the shopping basket analysis, a thorough analysis of the Association performance between products, while also giving readers some ideas in data analysis, we can learn how to find associations from seemingly unordered data.
  15. Read 《Weird behaviorThis book's analysis of irrational consumer behaviors and a large number of cases allow readers to come up with irrational behaviors in product marketing activities of various companies, at the same time, readers can get a preliminary understanding of how to analyze consumer behavior and consumption psychology.
  16. ReadKoubeiIn terms of how to use word of mouth and how to trigger the popularity, I learned some methodologies. This book is very similar to a book in China, "an Internet revolution is breaking out", but it is not the same, the author believes that the starting point of the overall strategy of koubei is higher than that of the outbreak of the Internet revolution. That is to say, the question to be discussed must be further discussed, although both books use examples to demonstrate the influence of Internet Web on life, work, and industry, there are many examples and few arguments, but if you are not familiar with the Internet, you can read them. It is recommended that you read one, And koubei will be better.

    Design Software learning:

  17. Design SoftwarePhotoshop, You need to use Photoshop to make some simple edits on the image, modify the image, and polish the image.
  18. Proficient in process softwareMind Manager, You can use mind manager to draw the framework and structure of the web page. Mind manager is very convenient to draw a flowchart, which is similar to office software.
  19. Prototype Design SoftwareAxureCan use axure for Web prototype design. axure is a powerful software and is one of the necessary design software for Internet product managers and Interaction designers. Axure is a communication software. To become a product manager on the internet, communication is necessary. Therefore, we often draw various prototypes and repeat the prototype diagrams of all kinds of excellent websites. After a lot of exercises, our website architecture capability will be improved, which will be imperceptible!

    Practical Operation Training:

  20. Participate in website product and operation operations if possible

This will happen in simple work.

  • Responsible for website prototype design, operation and promotion, including Seo keyword optimization, soft text writing, website data analysis, and user activity improvement;
  • Community interaction management, QQ Group Management, and website content Optimization
  • Responsible for website customer service, answering online questions, facilitating new user registration, collecting users' opinions and requesting improvements to the website;
  • Test and optimize the website, including webpage layout, webpage name, navigation design, webpage columns, and webpage bread design.
  • Internet productsAnalysis exercise
  • Select a common Internet product-Thunder product or QQ product for analysis, analyze each of its function points, and pay attention to each update of it, record the usage feelings and analysis ideas once a week.
  • Select a product commonly used in mobile Internet-UC browser and QQ browser for comparison and analysis, and obtain the product points of the two mobile browsers.
  • Pay attention to some of the Internet products that are commonly used, analyze the areas that are good or uncomfortable, and find ways to improve them.

PS: websites frequently accessed by the drying product manager

Product Manager Community: www.86pm.comPmcaff.comWww.chinapm.com.cn/

UCD: ucdchina.com 365ucd.com

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