Experience visual Studio Windows Forms application development and maintenance

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I didn't wait for visual Studio 2015 until midnight, so I couldn't get through the rest. The time zone in North America is later than in Beijing, and this morning you see Visual Studio 2015 in the Company and quickly download Visual Studio 2015 to your computer.

As an old programmer, do not care about the cross-platform of ASP. 5, which has been sticking to the Windows Forms platform for more than 6 years. Windows forms stops updating very early, and I think that's a good thing. When the company tried to select the ORM Development Framework, the Entity Framework was considered, but the framework was updated too frequently and the company did not have the energy to go into it. Even after EF was completely open source, the company had no time to maintain a complex set of code. A little cost can be, the company needed is technical stability, so later chose the Llbl Gen Pro. The framework has also almost stopped updating, but its technical support (Technical) is still in the process of having problems with posting a post on the website, and soon a technician will respond, which is pretty good.

Waiting for a long time. NET native,visual Studio 2015 is still limited to the Universal Window application program, it appears that the desktop program to compile the cost machine code is not feasible, Microsoft also does not plan to the Windows The code for forms is compiled into native code.

The Visual Studio 2015 installer changes slightly, and C#,C++,VB is installed by default, and after installation, the version is displayed as 14.0.23107.

After the installation is complete,. NET directory is replaced by the. NET 4.0 directory (In-place Update), and the new version is v4.0.30319.

The csc.exe configuration file has been modified to point to the new directory.

<?xml version ="1.0"?>
    <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true">
        <supportedRuntime version="v4.0.30319"/>

. NET 4.5 does not support Xp/windows Server 2003, and there should be no reason to migrate to. NET 4.6 for a bit of syntactic sugar.

1 The response speed of the form designer

There is no noticeable improvement in the sense that the visual Studio 2013 opens the form with the same speed as the design. Since Visual Studio 2012 has dramatically improved the efficiency of the form designer, it is curious and looking forward to changes in the efficiency of each new version of the Visual Studio Form Designer.

2 The version of the control in the Toolbox is also. NET 4.0.

3 One more item in the Project menu refreshes the menu item in the current Project Toolbox, Project, Refresh Project Toolbox items.

Some Windows Forms projects contain components or controls, which are recognized by default by the IDE and displayed in the toolbox, and the time to refresh the Toolbox is when the project is compiled and the Point menu item can be refreshed manually.

4 Edit Menu Smart Hint (IntelliSense) submenu multiple One drop-down menu item, refresh type reference,eidt–> intellisense-> refresh Remote References ctrl+shift+ J

5 View menu additional Windows (other Windows) Add Resource Browse menu (Resource view),

view-> other windows-> Resource view Ctrl+shift +e, this form is used to show the types defined in all projects in the current solution, somewhat similar to the class viewer, but with only three levels of nodes, The first layer is the project name, the third layer is the namespace under the project, the third layer is the type definition under the namespace, and double-clicking the type definition jumps to the type definition file.

During the development process, after the assembly has been compiled, I will use. NET Reflector to see if the namespaces and types in the assembly are canonical, and if there are namespaces and types that are meaningless windowsapplication1,consolse1, this feature is saved. NET Reflector time.

6 View menu additional Windows (other Windows) Add the label form bookmarks. view-> other windows-> Bookmark Windows ctrl+k,ctrl+w

Tag name support custom name, for example, I changed the name of the tag to Cnblogs.

7 View menu Add pending Change Form Pending checkins,view-> Pending Checkins may have previous versions of Visual Studio for this form, but this version of the pending change form supports the visual SourceSafe2005. General machine Programming I will configure Visual SourceSafe 2005, this version of the IED tool still supports visual SourceSafe 2005, and it supports viewing pending changes.

8 Add Profiler menu item under Debug Debug menu to launch Profiling tool.

9 The MSDN Library program version is Microsoft Help Viewer 2.2, which supports offline or online installation. The MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2015 has not been found today. Visual Studio 20,131 The unpleasant place is that it lacks offline Help files (Offline), often directly referencing the Help files to Visual Studio 2012, and Microsoft has never considered providing this version of the offline Help file. You want visual Studio 2015 to have a formal help document.

10 Error window supports filtering. For example, you can filter the error message by item by document.

Where the information is displayed on the right, you can choose Build only,intellisense only or build +intellisense.

11 Debug debugging adds no debug when Starting Performance Diagnostic tool (Start diagnostics tools without Debugging ...).

This menu also appears once in the sub-menu item introduced in 8th, as shown in the picture:

Two menu points are the same interface, the design of Microsoft is a little confused. There is one other place that puzzles me, the splash form of visual Studio 2015, looking at the following figure:

Why a red box is needed to identify this piece of place, some don't understand. I think the splash form of Visual Studio 2010 is very well designed.

The splash form of Visual Studio 2008 also shows which components are installed (C#,vb,crystal report, etc.), which is understandable, but does not understand the purpose of this blank place that Visual Studio 2012 thinks.

For the time being, there's been a lot of improvement, because of the. NET 4.5 deployment issue, and the relatively perfect functionality of Visual Studio (starting with Visual Studio2010), this version of Visual Studio Sales is worrying.

Experience visual Studio Windows Forms application development and maintenance

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