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Introductory Introduction to Rational Team concert Express (RTCE)

Software development has been from the simple pursuit of personal efficiency to the pursuit of team efficiency in the era. Tacit teamwork and coordinated development is the key to improving the productivity of the software. The Jazz technology launched by IBM Rational is an innovative team collaboration platform that will be the basic framework for next-generation software development platforms. Rational Team Concert Express (RTCE) is the first product based on Jazz technology.

Before you start

Preliminary knowledge

Requires you to have basic knowledge of the software development process.


After completing this tutorial, you will be able to use RTCE for team collaboration development.


This tutorial is intended for project managers, developers, testers, builders, or people who are interested in achieving efficient team collaboration.

System Requirements

You need to install the RTCE server and client program, and you can download the latest version on the Jazz official website jazz.net.

This tutorial is based on Rtce Beta 2, and the screen screenshot in this article may be slightly different from the latest version.

The problem of team efficiency and the appearance of Jazz

With the continuous upgrading of development tools, the individual productivity of software development has been greatly improved. However, the personal hero era of software development has been past, the development of commercial software needs efficient development team, how to improve team productivity has become a new problem.

In software development, even smaller teams will need different roles to work together to accomplish a development task. Use a requirement change as an example. 1 The business person needs to tell the developer the requirements of the change, 2 the developer needs to pass the code to the tester to verify, 3 after the test is completed, the business person needs to know which new version the change will be included in. From the steps above we can see that the team completes a series of activities and collaborations, regardless of the size of the change. During this time, there is a need for close collaboration between different development roles to maintain a consistent pace to produce maximum team efficiency. The gap between a good team and a common team is often reflected here.

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