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Adobe's PDF file format is a very popular document format, but it's not easy to read and edit PDF documents. Microsoft OFFICE2010 has enhanced support for PDF files in Word software, but it can only store documents locally as PDF and cannot edit PDF files. Recently, Microsoft has launched a new generation of Office preview, in the Word2013 preview version, we saw the legendary PDF file lookup and local editing function, together to experience.

Open Word2013 Preview, in the initial interface we can see the left list of recently opened documents, the right is a rich template. We can click on "Open Other documents" to select the PDF file you want to browse from the folder.

Icon: Word2013 Preview version of the initial interface, click "Open Other Documents"

If we are already in the Word2013 preview version of the editing interface, you can click "File", and then select "Open", which provides the "Recent documents", "Skydrive", "Computer" and other document locations, we can choose from different file paths we need to open the PDF file.

WORD2013 Preview Edition easy to read PDF file

If the PDF file is large, we'll spend a little more time on it when we open it. The Word2013 preview displays the import and transformation progress at the bottom of the interface.

Diagram: PDF Import and conversion progress

For some PDF files downloaded from the network, Word2013 preview will be prompted to note that file security, the default read-only open file, if you need to edit then click the "Enable Editing" button on the right.

Look carefully at the bottom right of the WORD2013 Preview Interface button and scale (as shown below), from left to right three buttons are "reading Mode", "Print Layout", "Page Layout", click on them to quickly toggle the display PDF browsing mode.

Diagram: Three buttons from left to right are read mode, print layout, page layout

In reading mode, the Word2013 preview automatically adjusts the layout of the PDF to make it easier for the user to browse through the contents of the document. Click on the left and right side of the direction of the button or pull down the scroll bar can easily page, this mode should be more suitable for tablet and touch screen users. At the same time, the reading mode also provides a rich right-button function, in the right menu we can see magnification, translation, search, add comments, highlighting and other features options.

Icon: Rich Right-click menu in Reading mode

Diagram: adding annotations and highlighting

In the upper-left corner of reading mode, click Tools to see the options for finding, searching, revoking, and so on.

"TOOLS" menu in Reading mode

Click on the "View" menu bar to see "Edit Document" (Switch to print layout into edit state), "navigation bar, show comments, width, page color, layout, and other options to facilitate the user to choose their favorite PDF file browsing mode.

Read Mode "VIEW" menu

WORD2013 Preview Edition edit modify save PDF file

When we switch to print layout mode, the PDF file can be edited.

Click on the Word2013 Preview version of the bottom left page navigation, you can open the Multi-function Navigation Pane, where we can see the document Map, you can view the page thumbnail, you can search for keywords.

Navigation Pane

Clicking the proofing button at the bottom of the Word2013 preview screen opens the spelling checker panel on the right. If the software finds other languages, the user is reminded to download the corresponding text proofing language pack.


Below we click on the text in the PDF document in the Word2013 preview to try to edit it. We are not only free to edit the text in the PDF file, but also can easily modify the style, layout and other visual effects, very convenient.

Now we change the white "Windows 8" to the words "Win8" in red.

Click "File", select "Save As" (Save As), we can see the PDF file option in the file type list of the file saved, and we can also save the PDF file as a docx file.

Diagram: Save the modified file as another PDF file

Now we're using Adobe Reader to open the PDF file we just saved, and using Word2007 to open the Docx file we just converted, it all went very well.

Graphic: Use Adobe Reader to open a PDF file that you just edited with Word2013

Diagram: Use Word2007 to open the docx file that you just converted with Word2013

We have simply experienced the process of opening, browsing, editing, saving, and converting PDF files in the Word2013 preview, and the overall feeling is more convenient. In horizontal two-page reading mode, the PDF display format will change somewhat, depending on the scale of the display, and the Word2013 preview offers a rich browsing service, such as adding annotations, highlighting, and so on, providing better access to users, especially those who touch the tablet. The most important thing is that the Word2013 preview does support the PDF file's local editing, modification, rearrangement and other operations, but also the smooth completion of the format conversion and save, for everyone to try PDF files to provide more convenience.

In addition to the support for PDF files, the Word2013 preview has many new features and new features, such as new templates and design tools to easily beautify documents, share and process documents in new ways to improve and optimize, and so on, We will continue to experience with you in future articles.

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