Experimental three agile development and XP practice

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Experimental steps

(i) Understand agile development and XP

Agile Development (development) is a human-centric, iterative, and progressive approach to development.

The basis for successful use of a practice in an XP environment is presented through the rules of XP, including: Quick feedback, hypothesis simplicity, incremental changes, advocating for change, and quality of work.

(ii) Coding standards

The Source->format under the Eclipse menu can be indented according to the specifications specified by eclipse

To be more hierarchical and prescriptive, add some blank lines according to the code logic

(iii) Pair programming

Understand the important practical significance of pairing programming, and complete the experiment of minesweeper with Yang Feng

Yang Feng is responsible for the project selection of the code and the writing of the main part of the code.

Sun Nan responsible for debugging, running and correcting the code.

Learn the code together.

(iv) Creating a public code warehouse

Create a shiyanlou_cs212 code library under a folder on a virtual machine, with the exclusive name Mailbox 1092622975

(v) Reconstruction

Refactoring (Refactor) is to change the structure within the software without changing the external behavior of the software, making it easier to read, easy to maintain, and easy to change .

Change names to classes, packages, methods, and variables in Eclipse refactor->rename

Use refactoring to encapsulate name,id,age three member variables and student information.

Generates a ToString method for student: Source->generate ToString () ... and modify the main code

Statistics of PSP Time


Time consuming (h)


Requirement Analysis




< P>2


Code implementation






Analysis Summary




Problems encountered in the experiment and the harvest

First of all, these lessons do not do a good job, the explanation of each lesson can not be fully understood, found that after reading a textbook some things can not be applied to practice, such as studenttest in the definition of class definition when the name is student, because before explicitly seen the public class name must be consistent with the name, But still made the most basic error, as well as in the input code, should be entered in the English state, in some places or because the wrong input punctuation error. There are some places to throw out parentheses, the end of the statement to throw away the semicolon and other errors, mainly because there is no practice, the textbook code has not been verified.

In the creation of the Code warehouse because there is no understanding of the tutorial to follow the steps to do, the last warehouse naming not set the number but the mailbox number. Exit with QW Enter after HelloWorld has been established.

The refactoring seen in the book is understood to be a function of brief, concise, and functional functions, and the main manifestation of this experiment is the clarity of the structure.

Encounter do not understand the problem to learn to communicate with classmates, think of the knowledge point in the book, search ability is also very important, such as the Code of mine-clearing game is to draw on the Internet, the general meaning is not too clear, there are many places to understand and learn.

Issue: After running Studenttest Point-in-time run is Codestandard, run Studenttest after the display can not find live unable to load the main class. Re-enter the code once to run.

Each request of the task can not be completed on time, required to read the book read after some knowledge points will forget, feel the knowledge point of Java more to pay attention to the matter more, the main problem is that some knowledge point understanding is not thorough, need to read at the same time take a look at the online tutorial, but also need to improve the efficiency of reading, There is also the quality of the report is too poor, there are many places to learn.

Through this trooped programming, familiar with the different members of the process of development, and later in the work with others quickly and effectively to lay a good foundation. At the same time also found that their programming level and others there is a large gap, need to study harder.

Experimental three agile development and XP practice

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