Explain to relatives and friends what the series is IP, port, and domain name

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Explain to relatives and friends what the series is IP, port, and domain name

IP addresses, ports, and domain names are no stranger to professional people, but they may not be familiar to non-professional people. The purpose of this article is:

First, I want to install "brick house" (in fact I don't know much about it). I want to learn about computer science,

Second, I want to practice expression, sort out my knowledge, and convert it into a "human language ".

First, we propose a correspondence relationship:

1. Jian Shu ------- Xiao mingjia

2.www.jianshu.com ------ No. xxx, xxx Road ------ eastern longitude xxx degrees xxx points, north latitude xxx degrees xxx points.


James: My family has xxx degrees xxx points in the eastern longitude and xxx degrees xxx points in the north latitude. Come and have fun with me! Me :......


James: I found a great writing website at Check it out! Me :......

Normal people are like this:

James: My family is at xxx Road, xxx. Come and have fun with me! James: I found a great writing website at www.jianshu.com!


Each location on the earth is "inherent" in latitude and longitude information, and the information described in languages, such as xxx, No. xxx, xxx Road, xxx city, xxx Province) someone else added it to him. The website ID is an IP address, and the domain name is bound with the IP address.

In windows, how do I obtain the IP address of a website:

1. Press win + R, Enter CMD, and press enter to display a dark window. 2. Enter ping www.xxx.com

For example

Enter the IP address in the address bar of the browser:

As a result, some people with strong hands-on ability will look like this:

Next we will do this:

!!! Why not?

Another concept is involved here: port.

When I went to Xiao mingjia to play, I directly walked through the door. This is called the default value, which is what everyone knows, not to mention. When the browser accesses the IP address directly, it will access port 8080 by default, so this is not displayed.

However, now is not an era where the road is left blank and the households are not closed at night. People seldom open the door. Well, what is the most basic trust between people in the world? What about trust? What about trust?

Therefore, I tried to speculate maliciously that jianshu closed his door, namely, port 8080, but this did not affect our access through domain names, because when engineers engaged in server operations, the domain name and IP address + port are bound together.

In a house, there are many places that can be "VENTILATED" with the outside world, in addition to the door, as well as windows, air conditioning ports and so on. There are a lot of ports in a computer. For example, if the port number of the mail service is 25, you can think of port 25 as a mailbox. I wrote a letter to James, uncle Postman will help me put the mail in mailbox 25), instead of dropping it directly from the door 8080.

Finally, sort out the corresponding relationship:

1. Simplified book ------- Xiao mingjia 2.www.jianshu.com ------ xxx Road No. xxx ------ east longitude xxx degrees xxx points, north latitude xxx degrees xxx points. Port 4.25 ------ port 5.8080 of James's mailbox ------ the door of James's house


After publishing this article today, I was flattered by the red hearts of many people. (I used to play simple standalone books. Today, the feeling of vanity expansion is really broken. Don't laugh at me ......)

However, the comments mentioned by @ EraseWoo make me cannot agree more, and I started to think about modifying the full text at a time. However, it is hard to clearly express the analogy with my current knowledge, update or not.

Therefore, this article is not so accurate as a reference.

I have attached my great comments on @ EraseWoo. I think his correspondence is more appropriate.

1.www.jianshu.com ------- Xiao mingjia ------ 3. hh-hh ------, xxx Road, xxx degrees, xxx degrees, and xxx degrees, north latitude.

The third string of hh indicates 12 hexadecimal numbers. It is the MAC address of the NIC (each computer that wants to access the Internet must have a NIC), also known as the hardware address, the physical address is specified by the manufacturer and cannot be changed. The corresponding longitude and latitude cannot be changed.

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