Expression design 4-Chapter 4 teaches you how to use a superb paint brush

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In Chapter 2, I have talked a little about the use of built-in design brushes. This chapter will teach you how to create unique brushes and reuse them.


After starting a new professional, let's take a look at how to use the built-in design brush.

Drag a shape in the main workspace and configure the width and color of the brush.

Check if your image's external frame is different?


Although there are many built-in brushes, the considerate design knows that our creativity is infinite and we always want to show our uniqueness.

After we know how to use the paint brush, let's begin to use it as our own paint!

First, draw the paint you want. I use polygon (shortcut key J) to drag a star

Adjust using edit polygon:

Point: 5)

Inner depth: depth to the center. The larger the number, the closer it is to the center.


Select the image you have already prepared, object-> stroke-> new stroke definition to enter the edit brush mode.

Alternatively, you can select stroke option> Add stroke in the lower-left corner of the brush menu to enter the edit brush mode.


When you see the screen, it indicates that you have entered the paint editing mode.

You will find that the system automatically converts the image you selected into another proprietary file, without affecting the original design.

That is to say, if you can easily convert the image into a brush during design and reuse it

Then press file-> Save to display the dialog window for storing the new brush.

Name: name the new brush star.

Folder: placed in a group in the paint folder

Default width: Specifies the preset width of the brush. The example is set to 10.

Press OK to return to the original Screen

You will find that the original stars are still in the original place, but we have just turned them into a new brush!


Let's test the paint brush that we just prepared.

Pull out a rectangle on the screen, apply the paint brush named "Star", and adjust the width and color.

Oops ~! Why didn't a star circle the edge !?

Because we did not do one more action .....


Switch to the page where the paint brush was just designed

(If you accidentally turn it off, you can find the paint brush from the paint style and click stroke option-> edit stroke)

In tools, you can find three tools that appear in the paint editing State, namely, stroke definition box, anchor point, and repeat.

First, use the stroke definition box to pull the paint range again.

Next, select repeat and right-click on the stars-> make repeating, so that the stars can be reordered

After the stars can be re-arranged, there should be a node mark on the screen

You can drag the edge to determine how wide the distance between the stars is and then duplicate

After adjustment, the storage can be overwritten with the same file name.

Then you can go back to the original category, and you will find that the images on the screen have been automatically applied with the paint you just re-applied, and the stars can be arranged

P.s: after applying a paint brush, you can use stroke color to adjust the color of the paint brush. Therefore, you do not have to adjust the color in the shape when using the paint brush, however, try to use black as the main type.

If you can use design, it will bring you twice the result with half the effort!

This is the teaching of this article.

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