Expression studio Simplified Chinese official version + serial number.

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Expression studio Simplified Chinese official version, 2007/7/2 released, including all Microsoft Expression series products:
Microsoft Expression web page design tool
Microsoft Expression blend interaction design tool
Microsoft Expression design flat graphic design tool
Microsoft Expression Media multimedia editing tool

Microsoft Expression studio official Simplified Chinese official version! Registration Code.

Product Key:
Expression Blend: 42xvr-43tjwqfxgx-tg3p6-hvpyb
Expression design: B7QRP-P7W7G-QY689-R7DCB-4BGH4
Expression studio: B7QRP-P7W7G-QY689-R7DCB-4BGH4

Webpage Design Tool-expression Web

Microsoft released the newly developed webpage design tool expression web, which is part of the Microsoft Expression design suite. As an alternative product of the web page editing tool FrontPage, expression web has greatly improved its functions and scalability, and FrontPage will officially end its mission this year.

Graphic design tool-expression Design

Microsoft described expression design in this way: "It is a professional graphic design tool that provides rich pixel rendering functions and smooth and flexible vector graph editing functions to quickly create design workflows. With expression design, you can create complex design and graphic elements for screens, web pages, or print products ." The expression design function is similar to Adobe Photoshop, which is already familiar with. It provides advanced graphic editing functions (such as layers) that are not provided by many built-in drawing tools in windows ).

Object Management Tool-Expression Media

The new member added to the expression studio family is Expression Media, which is the iview mediapro that changes the trademark. It is an object management tool, including an object for tracking, Font, visual directories of audio, video, and other digital media.

Visualized interaction tool-expression Blend

Expression blend's comprehensive 3D, animation, and hardware accelerated display engines can combine vector graphics, bitmaps, 3D content, videos, audios, and rich texts, 3D views can be freely mixed between other 2D and media elements, allowing powerful visual interaction between different elements of a design work. Expression blend can import and merge vector and bitmap elements, or draw and edit vector chart elements and apply advanced gradient, Alpha transparency, and stroke settings.


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