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Section 3 [the order of explanation is explained in the order of menus]
This section describes other menu items under the File menu. Generally, operations include single menu shortcuts, and all operations are similar.
Open the 1 menu and you will see that none of the operations are similar shortcut keys.
Open the website as above
Close a single file. For example, if you see the operation, close the file.
However, if the website is not closed, the website is closed.
Close website
The following describes how to save the settings. [add and check the newly created method.
Webpage and folder (* ^__^ ...... But he just created a static page.
You can see how to save it to the default site]
For other operations, I will give you a way to operate. For other methods, you can try to note that there is a title set here. What is this? : You can see it ~ Nothing happens. Why don't you wait for a while?
<Title> for the title, see </title> the original <title> content.
See the title bar in the visual editor.
After Editing Multiple webpages, you can save them for viewing at the same time.
Website publishing: we create a website and want to publish it to our own server network. It turns out that this interface is an FTP upload.
If you like it or not, you can use other things. I use flashfxp.
Let's see how he set it, because I have set all the automatically logged-on servers. Let's see his settings and see the specific operations. I will not explain them carefully.
FTP requires a user name and password, so I will not operate on these items.
When the server provider contacts you, they will provide you with a look at the direction of the arrow. You will understand it. I will not upload it, that is, the release mentioned here.
To import files from outside the website to the website
On the contrary, you can import data from your machine or from your website.
Check the import file or folder on your machine and I will import the file.
The wizard is not imported successfully.
Export and I will not do all the operations as opposed to the above
Browse in a browser. If you love to use multiple browsers
You can set the actual preview effect in that browser. You can set the browser and
I will not set the display size.
I won't talk about printing this. I will know it at first glance.
There are also recently opened files and access files.
The last one is to close
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