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With the development of China's routing industry, Cisco Wireless routers are also widely used. Here we mainly introduce a beautiful Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2, last year, Cisco Consumer Division launched a newly designed 54M wireless route Linksys by Cisco WRT54G2. The elegant and slim design conforms to the current fashion trends of home entertainment and SOHO offices. Currently, this product is priced at 350 yuan in the market. It is very suitable for purchasing the Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2 with its stylish appearance and outstanding performance.

The appearance of the Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2 follows the same design as the Cisco router WRT160N as the tail of the sports car. It is light, elegant, and visually gives a powerful feeling. Its Peripheral is still made of piano paint, and the middle part is made of frosted materials. It not only has a strong visual impact, but also has a very good feel.

The Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2 supports the 802.11 (B/g) wireless network standard and is equipped with one 10/100 M Adaptive WAN port and Four 10/100 M Adaptive LAN ports. Two built-in antennas make wireless signals more stable. In addition, the SPI firewall, Internet access policy configuration, wireless MAC address filtering, and Wi-Fi protection configuration instructions are provided.

The Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2 provides Linksys Easylink Advisor (LELA) software for users to conveniently manage Cisco Wireless routers and simplify the process of router management. In addition, the random management interface of WRT54G2 is in English, causing inconvenience to some users, and LELA software just solves this problem.

A wps (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function is added to the Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2. With this function, you can easily protect the security of wireless networks by pressing the WPS button on the panel, the Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2 can automatically encrypt the resume connection with another wireless device configured with WPS.

Cisco Wireless Router WRT54G2 is a brand new design with excellent performance and user-friendly configuration software. Even consumers who set up a wireless network for the first time can quickly complete network settings. The current price is still stable, and consumers who need it may wish to consider purchasing.

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