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Configure format: 'Y-m-d ',

Format Description Example
D The date in the month, which contains two digits. 01-31
D Abbreviation of day in a week Mon-sun
J The date in the month. Do not add 0 1-31
L Complete weekly statement Sunday to Saturday
N Week representation of ISO-8601 1 = Monday, 7 is Sunday
S The prefix of the second digit every day in a month. St, Nd, RD or th.
W Number of weeks 0 = Sunday, 6, and so on
Z The day of the year, starting from 0 0-364, the leap year is 365
W The number of weeks in the year in ISO-8601 format, starting from Monday 01-53
F Complete Text representation of the month January to December
M The two digits of the month indicate that the number is less than the previous zero. 01-12
M Abbreviation of month Jan to Dec
N Number of the month, not zero 1-12
T Maximum number of days in a month 28-31
L Is it a leap year? 1 is a leap year, 0 is not
O The year of the ISO-8601, which is the same as y, but if Week (W) is input for the previous year or the next year, replace it with that year 1998,2004
Y 4-digit year 2008
Y 2-digit year 98,08
A Upper afternoon in lower case Am pm
A Upper afternoon in upper case Am pm
G 12-hour system, not zero 1-12
G In 24-hour format, no zeros 0-23
H 12-hour system, two bits, Less Than Zero 01-12
H In 24-hour format, two bits, Less Than Zero 00-23
I Minute, 2 bits, Less Than Zero 00-59
S Second, 2 bits, Less Than Zero 00-59
U Millisecond, zero in front 001 999
O Difference to Greenwich time (GMT) in hours and minutes + 1030
P Difference to Greenwich time (GMT) with colon between hours and minutes -08:00
T Timezone abbreviation of the machine running the code EST, MDT, PD
Z Timezone offset in seconds (negative if west of UTC, positive if East) -From 43200 to 50400
C ISO 8601 date (Note: milliseconds, if present, must be specified with at least 1 digit. There is no limit to how many digits the millisecond value may contain. See http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime for more info) 2007-04-17t15: 19: 21 + 08: 002008-03-16t16: 18: 22z
U Seconds since the Unix epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT) 1193432466-2138434463

Example: Y-m-D 2010-01-01

Y-n-J 2010-1-1

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