Ext JS + jQTouch + Raphaël = Sencha

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June 15, when developers visit the famous JavaScript Library ExtJS website, they will find themselves redirected to another unfamiliar Web site and interface www.sencha.com. Originally, according to the official blog, the ExtJS project has been merged with the touchscreen code base project Jqtouch and the SVG processing library Raphael, and the founders of the two projects, David Kaneda and Dmitry Baranovskiy, will also join ExtJS. The move is an important step to extjs the rich graphics and touch-screen features in response to new trends such as HTML5.

At the same time, the project behind the commercial company ExtJS, LLC. Also renamed Sencha (Japanese "Fried tea", is a popular green tea in Japan). But in the short term it will not affect the progress and naming of projects and products such as ExtJS, EXTGWT and so on.

Sencha also established a foundation to support the development of non-commercial projects. Jqtouch and Raphael will retain the original MIT license.

Turn from: http://news.csdn.net/a/20100616/218820.html

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