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The author of the first pole route, belonging to the "23rd batch of Engineering machine users", in fact, this route just launched the first time, I have been tempted, but there is no immediate impulse to buy, because then I have a running OpenWrt wireless routing, just brush the new firmware, running very stable, and can be dialed (Shaanxi Telecom still very conscience of ), so not going to spend 199 trying this new product.

This is a very down-to-earth product experience. Like the pole route such intelligent router, see more online hype, exactly how, the author in the use of 5 months, to give you a solution.

The author is a person who likes tossing and taking, once bought FW300 to install Flash and USB port on it, brush on the third party firmware implementation offline downloading.

The author of the first pole route, belonging to the "23rd batch of Engineering machine users", in fact, this route just launched the first time, I have been tempted, but there is no immediate impulse to buy, because then I have a running OpenWrt wireless routing, just brush the new firmware, running very stable, and can be dialed (Shaanxi Telecom still very conscience of ), so not going to spend 199 trying this new product.

Later because something happened in Henan for a period of time, a collective dormitory, less than 10 people, a man with a machine pulled a 4M unicom broadband, he said he has no line by, but will not set. The original is a fast brand of wireless routing, and my home that model, but the version is high, so can not brush openwrt.

Setting up a route is not a difficult task, I quickly let the notebook and Android phone are connected to WiFi, but the use of a few days later, found that there is no line from the power:

First, the signal is weak. No line by and my notebook in the same room, the signal is not a full grid!

(PS: The host's girlfriend of the route thinks that there is no line from the radiation, so moved to his room).

Second, the network is not stable, do not know that the network is not the power of Unicom is the route to eat ash too long ventilation, often even basic web browsing cards.

It may be the weather, has entered the summer, I would like to spit out the summer of Henan, simply steamed dead, perhaps routing ventilation and the weather also have a relationship.

In short, decided to change routes, and then think of the Hiwifi, just have the goods, and the information on the page told me that if I do not do it will be robbed by someone else. OK, the next single, go Shun Fung, at this time its price is already 2XX.

Most of the time, tangle to buy a thing, and the final decision is due to accidental factors, and once decided to have to have, before the struggle to wait for price, but now to spend more postage only to receive it immediately.

Well, it's finally about to start ...

First Impressions

Other people on the Internet, evaluation posts and the official introduction all told me that this is an unusual, there are bright spots of wireless routing, in fact, indeed.

First, the packaging is very strong, the weight of the cardboard box, this year I have seen a lot of such packaging: Millet mobile phone, IPad Mini, as well as millet box ... (seems to be cock silk equipment) In short, to the strength of the packaging to leave a very good first impression, although these packaging will soon be carefully hidden in a damp-proof dustproof corner, never take out.

Then it is the metal shell, whether it is to see, or touch are very feeling, once seen countless cats, routes, set-top boxes, do not have it this charm.

It's compact and can be placed on the desktop for ornament.

Its antenna is detachable and needs to be screwed up

Its network cable and power cord is flat, not easy to knot

Its power interface is USB, can be powered by notebook, mobile power supply or mobile phone charger

To sum up, it is more than the author is using and previously used in fast, TP, such as high-end atmospheric grade!

Simple setup:

This is one of its selling points, repeatedly mentioned in official promotional materials. I set the route completely no problem, because the reload system and brush machine These "technical life" is a piece of cake for me. There seems to be no causal relationship, but the previous article said that a friend of the line from a long time to the bottom of the bed to eat ash, so there is no wifi, so at the end of the month can only be careful to let the phone do not exceed traffic. If the routing settings are simple, perhaps there is no such annoyance.

According to the instructions to log in to the pole route, the official proposed login address is a 400xxxxxx.com Web site, the previous number is actually their hotline, anyway, remember, relatively prefer to use The previous steps are the same as traditional routes:

Plug the network cable into the router's WAN port;

Connect the router in a wireless or wired way;

Open the browser, enter the login address;

Enter user name and password, click Login

These manuals are all there, but from the moment of successful login, it's different.

See the eye-catching three icons and numbers 1, 2, 3? Yes, you can enjoy WiFi by following these three steps. And the first time to log in, it will pop up a set of detailed list, vivid and detailed, anyone can read.

Here, the specific settings, as well as each figure punctuation what will happen, I will not repeat, because it is really very simple, the introduction is very detailed, as long as your home network no problem, then there will be no problem.

The Pole route login does not require a username, only need to fill in the password, so I just remember the password, you can manage the route. This is a intimate function, ordinary route the general default username and password is admin/admin, many people will modify them, and I often encountered the situation is: I forgot the username ... Or because of the redo system, or because of the long time ... In general this situation can only be used to use toothpicks explosive chrysanthemum Reset once again.

There is also a situation: I forget the other people's home without line by the user name and password, embarrassed, who let me be a master, often someone asked me to help set no line by, and then after a period of time I forget, and the owner did not follow my instructions to the information recorded in small book, had to go to help again. So it's really important to say simple.

Intelligent routing

In fact, the first time you log in, you only need to step 1-2 to open WiFi, but please do not forget step 3, this is the bright spot, I think the value is here.

The cloud plugin is where the app is installed, these apps can enhance your wireless routing, or bring additional functionality, and easy to operate, most apps click "Install" to use, do not want to use, click "Uninstall" can be, individual needs to configure the app, such as QoS features, is required to input something, But it's not hard.

So what's the bright spot? Please go to the official website ...

Well, in fact, I think the most practical function is the last one: shielding ads! Really useful, imagine, brush micro Bo often have small video, cheerful point open, but first watch more than 30 seconds of advertising, and sometimes even ads than video time is longer. Since the opening of this function, advertising has disappeared, whether it is a computer, pad or mobile phone, have realized that point to see.

As for its specific support for those sites, no research, the official did not elaborate, but basically can play in micro-blog video, can filter out ads.

By the way, there is no stable network, there is no way to enjoy the wonderful video, so its function is not independent, but complementary.

This engineering machine is to support the "Go Abroad acceleration", the official version is said to have removed this function, and the official does not let the discussion, however, if you have similar needs, you can through other plug-ins, such as SSH, VPN, etc. ...

Remote control

Very simple, mobile version of the app can be, the official iOS and Android client, for me, is completely enough, and the operation of the client is as simple as the most troublesome things here may be logged in, if your user name is more complex, with a mobile phone input is not so easy.

The user name here is the user name of the polar routing cloud Platform, the specific use method in the backstage has the detailed explanation, probably is registers the user name, then binds the current route. This way you can use your mobile phone to manage your own without wiring anywhere.

The above function at a glance, "current connection device" to see if there is no strange equipment, if someone rub the net to decisively kicked off, if you are outside, and no one at home, then simply put "wireless switch" set to close.

What does "Panel light switch" do? If the pole route is in the bedroom, and the evening panels are flashing, you can just take out your phone and turn off the panel light. It's not an advanced feature, but it's really practical and intimate.

Simple upgrade

Normal routing can also upgrade firmware, but usually to the official website to download, and then manually update, and there is a risk. These firmware all claim to have modified what bugs, enhanced what function, but in fact nothing.

And the extreme route update function, but is another big bright spot, specifically, once has the new firmware, will prompt the update, when you browse the webpage, on the page will appear on the top of a reminder.

Each time it is updated, it brings new things, new features, or new apps, not to mention fixing bugs and enhancing stability. So I'm happy to update it at the first time, and its upgrades are fully automatic and painless, except that the network will be briefly interrupted for a few minutes.

Stable operation

On the one hand, it runs stably, never happened "I can't surf the internet" sort of thing, also did not appear "network speed a bit slow, restart the route bar", this benefit from my home 8M broadband, by the way I used in Henan Unicom Broadband, that is, the legendary Henan Netcom, even limited route, but the solution is very simple , special dialing can be.

PS: From Henan back, just changed the pole route, found that the speed is very slow, performed a "Restore factory settings" on the OK)

On the other hand, they are very stable wireless. I am the pole route in a small bedroom, and the study is separated by two walls, the laptop WiFi signal full grid, never appeared off the line, and the ipad Mini, itouch and Android phone is also good. There is also the living room of the millet box, is also separated by two wall, completely OK.

Anyway, I've been back from Henan for almost two months, and someone misses my WiFi signal:

"Or your good, across the wall is full of lattice." ----a sister who just bought a smartphone with a 5-inch big screen

So what's it going to be?

The personal conclusion is that although its price is high, the overall value is great. And I am an old user, often have official activities, such as sending medals, insulation Cup (the first batch of engineering machine to send mobile phone ah although just a Nokia), and then send hi code and vouchers, I have recommended a friend to buy ... Caught up with the official offer, he only spent 99-20 = 79!

Forget it, don't tangle this, November 6 official said to open a conference, there will be new products out, look forward to it.

Then, the new version of the pole route may add the following features: USB interface, offline download, multiple dial ... It would be better if the old user could swap.

Yes, wrote so much, small weave seems not to say that pole routing shortcomings, yes, shortcomings must have, such as high prices, for example, can not toss ...

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