Extremely depressed!

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I went to get my driver's license yesterday, and then I felt a little depressed about some things. Because I want to help others, but I am not willing to help. Forget it. In the evening, I went to Metro with GF or found that GF's wallet was missing. But I took my car and went back to my house. Where did you say you could lose it? There is no car in the house, and there is no car in the car. It can only be on the way to the car and the car to the home, or in the metro. The problem is that there was a problem when I paid the bill, and I suspected I had lost the cashier. So I called to ask, no. I immediately rushed to Metro to ask, no. I went to the internal protection room to watch the video and finally confirmed that it was in GF's hand. What then? Then no one remembers it. do you mean it's a mysterious disappearance? There are so many inexplicable things! So the plan to take a bath for Ben was canceled yesterday, so he is still dirty.

Ah, I had a hunch that there was no good thing at noon yesterday. As a result, I found it was a bad thing at night ...... Wallet and wallet are coming soon!

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