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Eye Movement Method

When the head is rotated up, down, and left, the eyes are also moved together.


The head looked up and blinked continuously, so that the blood could flow smoothly. When the eyes are slightly tired, only 2 ~ Three blinks.

Alternating hot and cold compress method
One towel is more hot than the bath water, and the other towel is dipped in cold water with ice, put the hot towel on your eyes for about five minutes, and then put the cold towel for five minutes.

Eye Gymnastics

The middle finger points between the eye and the beam, and the palm covers the face for five minutes. Then slowly move around the neck, close your eyes, and then tap the neck 10 times.

View view Method

3 minutes in the distance, and 1-3 minutes in the palm of your hand ~ 2 minutes, and then look at the distance. In this way, the distance is exchanged several times to effectively eliminate eye fatigue. Try it!

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