Face processing with the hands painted

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The hands are usually from the face of the processing began. This is a very important step. A good start will directly affect the effect chart. In particular, some video and mobile photos, the pixel is not very high, the grinding part of the skin is very important.

Facial treatment is actually grinding skin, whitening and polishing.

Rub skin: The skin in the painting does not need to maintain pores and other details, the smoother the better.

Whitening: General lighting can be, but to pay attention to the face needs to have a certain texture, can be used to reduce light and other tools to deal with high light.

Polishing: can choose different make-up according to the actual picture.

The effect of the face does not need too high precision, the overall feeling a little hazy effect. But the high light part should be obvious.


Final effect

The following process is in the hand-drawn cut of the grinding part, we can do reference.

1, use the fuzzy tool to grind the character skin smooth.

2, on the character skin to apply a layer of color close to the skin tone, and the layer opacity to 10-20%.

3, with the average color of the brush, pay attention to the contrast of the facial features (because after the double eyelid has eyelashes to repaint, so by the way they are covered, repaired under eyebrows). Here to grind the skin part is generally good, the latter slightly adjust the texture and polishing can.

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