Failure performance for video card incompatible with motherboard

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Failure performance for video card incompatible with motherboard

First, the graphics card production process is not standardized, resulting in the insertion of an AGP slot, there is a short-circuit situation, when the performance is not on the power.

Second, the graphics card work is sometimes normal, can light the display, and sometimes irregular point does not light the display. But it is perfectly normal to use the graphics card on a different motherboard. Only the video card can be replaced for this situation.

Third, the computer host is also working properly, the display of the image is normal, but it is accidental irregular appearance of the picture screen.

Four is the use of this graphics card, the system will work unstable, or frequent crashes, or often off the graphics driver.

For this situation may also be due to the graphics card driver design defects, resulting in graphics card work instability, resulting in the system panic.

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